Herman’s Pool Party (Caption Sketch)

It hadn’t quite been the pool party that Mac had expected, when his neighbor Herman had invited him. For one thing, the entire party was made up of men–and men who were not, exactly, in the most peak of physical condition. Even Mac wasn’t quite in as good of shape as he’d been when he was a bit younger, but compared to the old, fat men around the pool today, he was quite the stud, in his opinion. It was a nice confidence boost, in any case.

Mac, before the party.

He also noticed, rather quickly, the party appeared to be composed of only men. He’d…had his suspicions about Herman perhaps being a fairy, but he hadn’t bothered asking. After all, it didn’t exactly have anything to do with him, who Herman decided to fuck, but he had the feeling that he’d been invited here today as eye candy–but before he could excuse himself, Herman had come over, welcomed him warmly, and pressed a beer into his hand, telling him to make himself comfortable.

It took Mac a couple of minutes to realize that Herman wasn’t actually wearing a swimsuit…in fact, quite a few of the men at the pool were swimming naked, letting their fat bodies and old cocks swing free, and while Mac knew he should feel some disgust…he felt something else quite surprising. He felt a bit…envious. They all seemed so happy, somehow, so free. None of them cared about what Mac thought of them–in fact, none of them had even really given him a second glance–which made him feel a bit…inadequate. Shouldn’t they all be interested in him, after all? He was the muscular, handsome one, right?

Instead, it was Mac who found himself…feeling a sudden attraction to the men around him, one he couldn’t understand, but one he also couldn’t control. He realized, a bit late, that Herman was beside him, talking to him about…something, something he couldn’t quite recall, and their conversation drifted to other topics quickly enough, but Mac felt like something was…off.

“You know Mac, wouldn’t you feel better taking a swim? It’s so hot out, don’t you think?”

Herman, naked, checking up on Mac

“I…uh…I don’t know, I’m a bit…” he looked around him, and at the rest of the men, still confused, “I don’t really feel like I…belong here, somehow.”

“Nonsense friend, that’s why I invited you. Just relax! You’ll feel better in no time, after a while in the water. We’re a friendly bunch, you’ll see.”

So Mac did. He got in the water, swimming around with the other men, and to his surprise, he did loosen up a bit. When one of the men complimented him on his beard, he was confused for a moment–after all, he didn’t have a beard, did he?–but he just…relaxed, and went with the flow, feeling the beard on his chin growing in, just…just as it should be. He got to know some of the men, little by little, all of them warming up to him, complimenting him on his soft gut, his short but girthy cock, his white hair. He was so flattered by their attention, that when they started feeling him up, and sliding their cocks against him, he was just…so happy, so eager to go with the flow, to just relax. He ended up on his hands and knees beside the pool, Herman fucking his ass, another old man fucking his throat, and he was so…so happy, he just let everything float away.

Later that night, after plenty of fucks, and quite a few loads of his own, Mac returned home, and laid down in his bed, bones aching a bit, but happy that another one of Herman’s pool parties had gone off without a hitch. There was another one next weekend, and Mac was already thinking about it–stroking his cock, feeling his gut bounce, and thinking about all the cock he’d be sucking until then too–especially Herman’s.

A brand new Mac, relaxing alone after the party

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