Home for the Holidays – Episode 2 (Part 5)

“Well, that was a good start, I think,” Buzz said, as Mark came out of the bathroom, “but you still have a ways to go, before you really blossom into your own, I would say. Magnus told me about the curses you laid on those other guys in your family, and I think a few of them…got off a bit too easy, if you ask me. Why don’t we pay that oldest one a visit, eh?” he said, and pulled on a jacket over the filthy clothes he’d pulled on while Mark was collecting himself in the bathroom.

“No–no more of this, I–What…what the fuck happened to me? What the hell are you doing to me?” Mark said to him, “Please just…just let me go, I didn’t know what I was doing! I’ll put things right, I promise, I’ll do what I can, and–”

“Oh be honest, would you?” Buzz said, “Don’t bore me with the lies you tell yourself.”

Mark tried to keep speaking, after Buzz had interrupted him, but he couldn’t–he couldn’t keep talking, because it wasn’t the truth, not really. He wasn’t sorry, about what he’d done, not to any of them, but he was…terrified. Terrified of what it was doing to him, of how…much he was enjoying it. “Please, I’m scared, I don’t understand what you want with me.”

Buzz sighed, “You’ll understand soon enough, what you are, really. Who we are, too. You can’t even see us yet, not really,” Buzz said, and smiled at him–and for a moment, Mark saw…something else, other than the rotten teeth in Buzz’s head. He saw…fangs, sharp and glistening, and behind them, a darkness–

He shuddered, and kept shaking, nearly crying. Buzz had to order him to get dressed, and Mark ended up wearing some of Buzz’s cast off clothing, since that was all that fit his sizable frame now. He was…disgusted by how filthy they were, but wearing them made his pig cock rock hard all the same. With that, they climbed into Buzz’s truck and headed for John’s place in the city, to see what had become of him in the last few weeks, since Thanksgiving, and they left Luke alone–Buzz assured him his piggy brother wouldn’t get into any trouble on his own–probably.

John, on the other hand, had been struggling with his new habits, trying to control them and deny them, but it was a battle he’d lost rather quickly. Within a few days, he’d relented to the smoking, and was chaining as many cigars as he could during the day. He stopped doing his laundry and showering, anything to build up his own musk, but he still prefered the grungy clothes Mark had given him on Thanksgiving–though his weeks worn, unwashed underwear was starting to get some good character, as were his socks. But it was the fucking which was the worst–he…craved it, all the time. Keeping a dildo inside him helped, but it wasn’t enough. He’d…tried to keep up with his girlfriend, but she wasn’t what he needed anymore. He started cruising for cock on the internet, usually bringing over three or four guys a day to plow his itch into submission–but it wasn’t enough. He…needed Mark’s cock inside him again, he knew it had to be his, but he had no idea where his younger brother had gone off to.

So, when Buzz and Mark knocked on his door, and John opened it–even though it didn’t quite look like his brother, he knew it was him, and his heart leapt. Unable to help himself, he dropped to his knees and pleaded with him, and at first, Mark thought he was begging him to get rid of the curse–but no. John was begging him for a fuck. Nothing was the same as his brother’s cock, nothing could satisfy him–and while Mark was horrified, Buzz saw no reason why he should leave his brother so desperately unsatisfied. He pulled his strings a bit (though he required less of a push that Buzz had expected) and soon they were in John’s bedroom, on his sex scented sheets, Mark shoving his piggy cock into John’s hole raw while Buzz watched, stroking himself, and musing about what to do next.

It was clear that John had gotten off relatively easy–he still had his day job after all, he still had his luxury apartment, and while these habits might bring him low eventually, that was no reason that Mark and him couldn’t speed up the process a bit. Besides, piling another curse onto him would only accelerate Mark’s descent into his own power. By the time Mark had cum up his brother’s ass, John sobbing in relief, Buzz had settled on the curse he would add onto John’s predicament–but what did he decide on?

Alright, since I haven’t been able to find a decent ranked choice platform that doesn’t break halfway through the month, I’m going back to a more traditional poll system. However, I’m giving you all the ability to select more than one option in the poll, so feel free to pick two or three of the options if you have multiple interests! The poll is also embedded in the post now, so you don’t need to go anywhere else to put in your vote. Here’s the options for what Buzz has in mind for John next.

  • A demonic curse — infuse him with demonic lust and sloth
  • An inanimate curse — make him a living pipe that needs to be smoked
  • An obedience curse — give John a few more commands to make his life even worse
  • An physical curse — twist John’s body into something filthy and inhuman

Everyone can vote using the poll below, and if you’re a Patron, you can find the Patron exclusive poll here!

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