Arctos: Filters – Episode 4 (Part 2)

He didn’t have to wait long, at least–Jay headed straight for Bruce’s stall, unlocked it, and swung the gate open. He was dressed in his usual gear for his morning routines–overalls, waders, a flannel shirt. “Sorry for the wait, pig,” he said, “Chores took a bit longer this morning than I expected. Now, how about breakfast?”

Bruce just grunted in affirmation, not really needing words for this, as Jay led him down the row of stalls to a large trough, with several buckets of slop beside it. Bruce bellied right up to the metal, and Jay tipped the buckets into it, and Bruce could barely control himself–the hunger was so damn powerful, he didn’t even think twice about shoving his face right into the muck and chowing down as fast as he could. It was…instinctual. Inside himself, Bruce tried to pull back, tried to contain himself, tried to measure the gluttony that had been growing inside him for the last few hours in the stall, but this body refused to be limited–it wanted food, and it wanted…it wanted to get fucked, and anything else going on inside Bruce’s mind didn’t even matter, beyond those physical demands. He felt Jay run one hand along his back, and Bruce…shuddered, wiggling his tail and his ass, hoping Jay would know what the pig needed–but of course Jay knew what he needed. After all, Jay had made him like this.

Looking down at Bruce, Jay was…ecstatic. It wasn’t everything that he wanted, but he had a whole day to get there. This was the start of it, this is what he wanted Bruce to feel first–he wanted him to give up that control, that constant, aggravating need to constantly hold himself back from the pig he could be, if he just let himself go. So now, he didn’t have a choice. His body would want what his body wanted, and there was nothing that Bruce would be able to do about it, besides enjoy the ride–because Jay knew he was going to enjoy it–he’d make sure of it, one way or another.

“I knew you would make a handsome piebald,” Jay said, running his hand further back, and down Bruce’s quivering rump, “a handsome pig over all, I should say. I’ve been waiting all morning for this pig, you know, been so damn horny, doing my chores, and I bet you are too. Aching for some hot, farmer dick at this point I bet–well how about I make us both feel a bit better, eh?”

Bruce gave a squeal through a snoutful of food, doing his best to signal his desperation, and the moments while Jay undid the fly of his overalls and hauled out his cock seemed to stretch out longer still than the hours spent waiting in his stall. At last, he felt Jay’s cock press against the entrance to his hole, teasing him, forcing Bruce to slide back to fuck himself, pulling himself free of the slop, his hunger pulling him back forward, caught between two instincts he couldn’t reconcile, his mind just a brick of frustration, until at last, Jay thrust into him, forcing him forward, shoving his entire face into the slop, and everything felt…right.

Where time had stretched out for so long before, now each moment felt weightless. He ate. Jay fucked him. His own hard pig cock throbbed beneath him, beating against his gut, and he could feel his balls throbbing and churning, his own load building slowly but surely as well. He lost track of how much he ate, how long Jay fucked him, all that mattered was that he was getting what he needed. Getting what he wanted, more than anything, feeling something he had never experienced before, a complete and utter moment of satisfaction. This was all he’d needed. This was all that he’d ever needed. Food, and a fuck. Is this what Jay wanted him to feel, or is this just the natural result? In any case…it was seductive. He’d felt so many worries for so long, so many concerns that he wasn’t…enough. That his life should hold more than it did, that being happy wasn’t enough, that he wasn’t enough, that his relationships weren’t enough, that his life wasn’t enough. But in that moment, it was. He felt it, that peak, that sensation that everything he needed was met, and he could…rest, perhaps. His mind could rest at least, for the moment, and he could just enjoy the wave of emotion and sensation rushing though him–and then, his cock exploded, and everything else grew even fainter, as the orgasm ripped through him.

His orgasms had always been powerful before, usually holding strong for a few minutes at a time, before ebbing away over another ten minutes or so. This, however, was something else entirely. The pleasure struck him, and just…held there, the intensity not falling away at all, his mind so overwhelmed with sensation that it simply shut off. Bruce didn’t remember what happened for the next half hour or so, because Bruce didn’t really exist for that time. He wasn’t…needed. His body did what it wanted for the next half hour or so–it ate, and kept slamming his ass back against Jay’s cock–and when Bruce became aware of the world again, when there was space inside him to think, he saw that the trough had emptied itself, and he was left licking the metal for scraps he had missed, and Jay was finished fucking him–and from the cum running down the inside of his thighs, had obviously finished inside him at some point while he was gone. Jay was beside him now, at the trough, one arm draped over his broad shoulders, stroking him while he finished eating, and the needs were finally sated enough that he could tear himself away, panting, somehow exhausted, and look at him. Before he could say anything though, Jay leaned in and kissed him, licking some of the slop from the end of his snout, sliding his tongue into Bruce’s mouth, and it was so…gentle, so calming after the whirlwind he’d just been through, that Bruce just kissed him back, enjoying the tenderness they could share for the moment, until Jay pulled away again, grinning that cocky grin of his–obviously thinking he’d already won.

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