The Bruiser Rapes – Episode 8 (Part 3)

There was a ripple across him, and he began to choke. Instinctively he tried to push himself off, and I had to hold him close, face pressed to my hips, my massive cock buried inside him until he went slack, and simply accepted what needed to happen–and as soon as he accepted it, I could feel the thrumming in his body as his muscles began to vibrate, and change. Deeper still, the bones were shifting as well, his face, warping away from its human appearance as it sucked and gnawed on my cock, milking the law out of it and into its guts. The stench surrounding the beast he was quickly becoming intensified, and that was what finally brought Jules out of his terror–it was the smell if his master, smelling how his master ought to smell, as powerful a musk as he could have, and Jules, already conditioned to need it, couldn’t stay away, despite the terror in his human heart.

Hair sprouted all over Ray’s massive frame, and he was sucking harder and harder on me, eager for more, eager to take in as much of it as he possibly could, now that freedom was this close. I shuddered, and fed him my full load, and the changes accelerated–his entire frame expanded, growing wider and taller, the entire room permeated with the beast’s pheromones, Jules, unable to think of anything else, plastered to the beast’s armpit, licking up as much sweat as he could, not noticing the small changes spreading across his own body, losing track of its own humanity, forgetting those false laws, and following the laws of his masterful beast instead. I pulled myself free of Ray, and the beast leered up at me–eyes black, wide mouth full of fangs, a wide nose, thick beard and hair matted with filth and sweat, and turned its attentions to it’s little thrall. It knew now, it knew the law in it’s guts, and it could spread it just as well as I could now. It picked Jules up, and I saw it’s massive cock sliding free of its sheath, at least a foot long, and very thick, with an inhuman, spade shaped head that it drove into Jule’s ass, fucking him, filling him, and Jules’ own changes began to accelerate–it would take a bit of time, as it had with the blobs upstairs, but before too long, Jules would be gone, and there would just be two beasts–alpha and beta–ready to spread their laws to others worthy of them.

By now, my brother hand changed into his true form–or as close to his true form as he could get, now. Close to eight feet tall, thickly muscled, hairy and brutish, he was just as Bernard and others had described him–but I could see more than that, see deeper than that. Under the human skin he couldn’t shake, there was so much more, so much…rage, and power–perhaps even more than me, now that I was confronting it directly. Cumster was eagerly sucking down as much of the bruiser’s cum as he could, thrilled to finally be serving his creator in the form he had always needed to embody–but I was impatient. I wanted to see my brother, finally, to meet him, and bring him into the world, to see what he was capable free of this human shell.

I pulled him away from Cumster, wrapping my flesh around him, feeling him, surrounding him, probing the human skin containing him, and he raged against me, the human raged against me most, but he raged too–rage was part of him, the greatest part of him. He could sense that this form of him, the form which had grown so comfortable, was at the end of its time. We danced. We danced something far more intricate than what I had danced with the blobs above us. I wrapped him, contained him, and he tore at me, and beat me, and bruised me, hammering at me as hard as he could, testing my mettle and my skin and my desire. In the end though, there was no way he could beat me, not like this. We ended the dance with him on all fours, ass up, my flesh wound around him tightly, cutting into his skin, and my cock slid into his ass–the bruiser screamed a howl from some deep jungle of the night, some forgotten place where darkness is the only certainty. It was an animal, is was the cry of an animal that humans would hear in the night, imagining only claws and teeth and vicious death, a cry they would desperately rationalize and name, but there was no name for him, not in any of their languages.

I fucked him, and he fought. I raped him, as he had raped so many, without mercy, without care or consideration. I raped him, and filled him with my law, and I could see the skin of his humanity begin to peel away, first from his back, and then from the rest of him, revealing…such beauty, how do I even put it into words for you fooling things to try and comprehend? There are no words anymore, I see that now. You will see, soon enough. We are both free, we are both finally free, and we can feel others pressing through, emerging, ripping and tearing their way through your paper thin reality that you thought was strong enough to keep us from existing. But there is nowhere for you to run now. There is nowhere that you can hide from us. Deny us. Rationalize us. Name us. We have no names, no reasons–we come for you. Those of you who are strong enough, you will relish us, in time, once we free you. Once he beats you free of your shell, or I fill you with the law, you will know. You will become the things you were always meant to be, the things you have hidden away for the sake of conforming to this mass, human delusion. The rest of you, the weakest, will be consumed. You will glimpse us in the darkness, and know, finally, that your existence was an error. That there is nothing real holding you here, that you, all of you, is just a flimsy, boring lie, that the only thing allowing you to cling to some little existence is your sheer banality. We will end you. We will end all of you, and things shall, once more, be returned to the proper order.

I freed him. I gave him a taste of the law, a taste of what could be, of his own potential, and everything else fell away, sloughed off from him, and he grew. He grew tight against my bonds, tight against my flesh, tight against my cock, squeezing it, fucking himself on it now, gripping it hard enough that it hurt, but I fought through it. We danced again, then. We dance each day, we dance each moment, together. We will dance, and dance, and dance, and crush this world under our boot and claw, we will dance, oh will we dance! We will dance with each of you, in turn, and the world will be like nothing any of you have ever seen.

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