The Bruiser Rapes – Episode 8 (Part 1)

I arrived home after the three of them, by a few minutes at least, if not a bit longer. Time is…difficult now. In any case, I was the last to arrive at my home, and now, everyone was there, in this story. Well, everyone except Bernard, who had his own ending. Everyone else though, was there–Ray and Jules, I could feel them together, and I could see better now, Ray’s law, how it was cracking through this reality just like Cumster’s had. Jules was fainter, but already he was beginning to dissolve–his humanity, that is. Ray was overwhelming him, and in a few months, nothing of the old Jules would remain–especially not after I gave them a bit of assistance.

Cumster and Marcus were still bound in the basement. Marcus–all I could feel of him was the same brittle terror he always seemed to exude. Humanity–so interested in stability, and regularity, and predictability–it created these things like Marcus, these humans that were…nothing. Just the surface, no depth, with no capacity for growth or change. It was no wonder that they longed so desperately for us–they were the ones who needed us most, the ones we could do nothing for (or at least, the two of us could do nothing. Perhaps another will help them, at some point, but for now, they are hopeless). Cumster…he was already different, already something else. Not finished, not at all finished, but oh, my gift would be such a treasure when I was finished with it.

Then, the three gluttons, as I thought of them. They were inside, and had already commandeered a room of their own, and were feeding off one another, as was their law, of course. With them, observing them, was the final person–the bruiser, my brother, seeing what I had done with his wild thing. Then, there was me, the law–free at last!–and this is the last thing I shall write to you, my last testament. We are coming, the veil will be rent, and your reality will crumble to the dust it always should have been. We are coming, your omega, your alpha–your end, but a new beginning. If you can still understand this, then prepare.

I entered my home, and felt the glamour fall away as I did, and I could relax again as myself. I went to check on the gluttons, and as I’d sensed, the three of them were also in their true forms, the two minor ones feasting on the central one, sucking at it’s teats with their massive mouths, grinding up against it, all of them behaving more like one singular organism than three separate ones. I doubted that the three of them would ever be apart again, and certainly any human lucky to be drawn into the mass would become just like them in time. I could see it, the future of this, an entire swarm of these bloated beasts, and it was enough for my cock to slide free yet again, into my hand–but it could wait.

In the kitchen was Ray, and Jules. It was clear that Ray had tried to free his thrall from by ropes, but hadn’t had any real luck, and so he was waiting–along with a rather unassuming fellow, also sitting at the table. He was slight, tall but thin, with thick rimmed glasses, a smooth face, and bland features. Not a human I would have ever thought to remember–but underneath, I could feel the storm there, brewing and swelling at the sight of me, the first taste of real hope my brother had felt in so long, trapped within this empty shell of a human, a shell I was eager to help it shed as soon as possible. I waved by hand, and the straps came free from Jules, allowing him to breathe easier, and he flung himself at Ray, eager to be back with his master, and with his scent. Ray was, like Cumster…close to the law, but not of the law. Could bend the men around him to himself, but not outside the bounds of this reality–but I could help him, help them both, help them all–but that could wait a moment. I looked at my brother, at his unassuming and rather boring features, and considered what was beneath him as well, what I could sense.

I could also sense that he was surprised, and I remember be said as much, that he hadn’t…expected me to become something like this. That he’d thought I was like him, that when he freed me, I would form the same symbiosis with my host as he had. Instead, I was free. Entirely free, and I think it terrified him, though he never said it. He hadn’t expected me to become something more than him–he had, for so long, considered himself to be alone, but beyond alone, he was the superior. To be faced with the fact that not only were there others like him, but that those others would be more powerful than he was…it was not something my brother took well, nor did the human he was inhabiting. Then again, that human could sense that its time was coming to an end, that when I was finished, it would no longer exist as it did now, and I’m certain part of my brother’s apprehension was that.

It wasn’t helped by the fact that there was only so much I could say to him, about what had happened to me, about what I was. This record is more than what I could tell him, then. It was all so new, in that moment, everything was felt, not thought or understood, and my inability to answer his (meaningless, in my opinion) questions was rather infuriating for us both. So I decided to simply demonstrate instead. I thought about beginning with Ray–he was, after all, right there–but Cumster was my gift, and I had already begun the process. No reason to make him wait down there, with a gut full of darkness, just waiting for me to complete him.

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