The Bruiser Rapes – Episode 7 (Part 2)

I entered the building, and in the solitude, without the gaze of humanity on me, I felt immediately more at ease, more able to assert myself, and my real form. The beast was close at hand, and I imagined that it could likely sense me as well. Whether it felt fear or not, I can’t know for certain, but it didn’t try to run, Perhaps it could sense that flight would be useless, that I was much too powerful now, with my skin, than it could hope to escape me. Perhaps it was relieved, in a way. It had been unleashed, its desires running amok, but there was no logic, no reason binding it. Nothing it did would keep–eventually, this reality would bottle it away, render it…understandable, and likely kill it. That, or it would simply cease to exist. Without law–without some reason beyond this reality, it could never hope to survive. It needed me–perhaps it knew that too, in a way. It knew I could help it–that I would tether it and bind it, yes, but that by the end, it would be more powerful as well. More lasting.

It had made its nest in a small room, what had likely been a storage room or large office before this. It was settled in a corner, heaving with flesh, and I could still distinguish the two victims it had found (two security guards tasked with protecting the premises of the abandoned building from squatters, I could tell later, but not now) but like I had expected, they were much more further gone than the officers had been. They were no longer just sucking at the teats, or tentacles lining the beasts flabby underbelly–the teats had found their way inside them, their jaws stretched and broken, pale flesh slick and shaking as the beast filled them. Already, I could see that their once human bodies were warped beyond their old forms, becoming copies of the beast itself–it was freeing them in the same way it had been freed–that was all it could do, after all, but the copies would never be as powerful as the original. In any case, they were the first things to deal with–I sent out my bonds from my skin, wrapping the two victims in my straps of flesh, and dragged them free of the beast. It was…difficult, and for them, I imagine, quite painful, but I am not one to ever be denied. When the teats had been ripped from their gullets, the two of them were left on the ground, bound tightly, flesh pinched between my ribbons–they would be dealt with later, after I had brought the beast under my law.

It fought, as best it could. It knew better than to run, but it had its own drives that had to be obeyed, even if it knew it could not win, or escape, as it had before. The dance–oh the dance this time, in my skin! So nimble, my flesh peeling away, binding it in the most intricate lattice, spinning the massive thing about, so slow compared to my own movements, lumbering and terrified, and in such awe of me too, I think. How could it not be? It had escaped this reality, yes, but it had not dreamed that there could be something else. I was a nightmare, or an angel, some glimmer of the beyond. It knew what I would give it, and as anything that hungers for anything would feel…it wanted, most of all, to be full. So I fed it.

I bound it tight first, of course, bound it tightly to me, bringing it in, containing it, and shrinking it. It was even more overgrown than it had been before, teats and tentacles like weeds sprouting all over itself. Had I not found it soon, I think it likely would have unraveled entirely, unable to maintain any sort of connection to this human world, and without any other one to go to. So my straps pulled tight across the beasts enormous body, shrinking and reducing it in stature, feeling it bulge between the layers of my flesh, trying and testing the bonds I had crafted for it, but not trying to escape, exactly. More, trying to understand what this was, and what I was doing to it.

When I had reduced it to a more manageable size, larger than a usual human, but easier, at least, to manipulate, with no stray tentacles to worry about, I forced it to bend before me, it’s hungry, sucking maw at my hips, and I savored it, for a moment. Savored our connection now, how I could feel every pulse in its body, every shudder of need rippling through it, savored most of all the thing’s last moments of true, unleashed freedom, a freedom that would kill it if I did nothing, but a beautiful, exquisite freedom all the same. Then, my cock slid from my sheath, and I guided the head to the beasts mouth, and gave it the first taste of law in its existence.

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