The Bruiser Rapes – Episode 7 (Part 1)

My law–you reading this, I doubt you even understand what the word means, really. I doubt you understand any of this. Maybe at first, maybe the first things I wrote could fit inside your mind, be comprehensible. I doubt you understand the rest of this, any more. Or, perhaps, you do. Perhaps my ink has pierced the veil over your eyes, given you a glimpse at the reality behind your reality, the world beyond your puny, terrified little human senses, so busy protecting you, dimming you, hiding everything from you that might hurt you.

To be fair, it has proven to be an…adequate defense, of sorts. If you do not know a thing, if you do not even know how to conceive of a thing, if a thing cannot possibly exist, in what you believe reality to be, then I suppose, it can’t touch you. Just pass through you, and around you, the shivers, the missteps, the nightmares, the sudden unknown cravings. I suppose, for a very long time, we have just been ghosts to you–but it would seem that time is, now, coming to an end. You reading this, do not fear us. True, we are more powerful than you. True, we will take you, all of you, and remake you in our image, open you up to the true reality, to the Ur-reality of full existence. True, you puny men will be our slaves, our pets, our minions and warriors, but you are already slaves. Slaves to a nature, slaves to a mind that has trapped you in a prison, in a nightmare world so many of you detest. We may be demons, monsters, nightmares, but we are real–more real than your societies, your buildings, your little box of a world.

You let us in, some of you. Or perhaps we found a way inside you. We adapted, we have changed, we found a way in, some of us. Perhaps only two, for now, perhaps. It is doubtful. If there are two, there are most likely more. Perhaps some sleeping like I was, lulled to dullness by the dreary fake-reality this is, in your minds, convinced we can’t exist. But we will free them, we will tear this reality apart, piece by piece, and all of you will scream with such delightful terror and awe as the scales fall from your eyes. I will delight in it, I will, when I give you my law.

The law, what a beautiful thing it is! How I could have ever forgotten it, I do not know. The law is not like your laws, no. It is not some arbitrary thing outside yourself, it is not something that you choose to obey! No, the law is personal, internal, your nature. It is also mine. I give it to you, I fill you with it, but when I am finished, you no longer know it as something outside yourself, but as every thought, every drive, every action, guiding and driving you towards fulfilling it, all other desires swallowed up by it, never to return. But it is more than that. The law is everything. The law is your reality. It opens your eyes to everything else–and you can never go back. You’ll never want to go back. It is beautiful, you see, so beautiful, and none of you have any idea, but you will.

This reality–it is strong, though. Even though I walk through the city as myself, none of you can see me yet, not as I really am. Maybe, on the edges of your vision and reason, caught in the reflection of a window, or from the corner of your eye, you might see me, for a moment. But when you turn back in alarm, you see the glamour of me–a stern looking, muscular police officer in uniform, boots and gloves…but if you look closer, perhaps you can see a few things are off. How the uniform is a bit too tight for my frame. How you can never see a peek of skin between the end of my gloves and the end of my cuffs. How the collar of my shirt always clings to my neck. But you don’t look that close, at my skin. You see an officer of the law, safety, security, and you feel better, and you turn away again, ignorant still, for the moment.

So it was, as I cross the city, feeling my way towards the beast that had evaded me earlier, my cock sliding from my sheath as I approached, already eagerly anticipating overcoming the thing, containing it, filling it with my law. The thing had made its way deeper into the city, but hadn’t gone too far from the restaurant where I had last encountered it. Eventually, I pinpointed the location as an old meat-packing plant which had been shut down and abandoned. The thing was in there, but it wasn’t alone–it must have found some other victims, like the officers in the restaurant, that it could feed, or absorb. I thought about what the beast had managed to do to those officers in a matter of minutes, and wondered what would happen to someone under its sway for a few hours, which it had been at this point. Well, it was of no real concern to me–they would all be following my law soon enough, regardless.

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