Training Camp (Caption Sketch)

For those of you who like these sorts of caption stories, I’ve started writing and posting them with some regularity over on my discord server for Patrons! It’s open for everyone supporting me at the five dollar level and up, and includes the ability to request captions, get exclusive access to all the captions I post (because I won’t be posting them all here) and you can also help me out by play testing some of the odd transformation RP games I design in my rare spare time. You can find more details here! I hope y’all have a nice holiday!

Training camp, day 1

“Yeah man, fuck, I could really go for some dinner.” Vince said, and inside, all Hugh could do was stare at Vince’s gut, hanging out from his practice uniform. The guy didn’t need more food, as far as Hugh was concerned, but what did he know? The massive fucker had just, well, shown Hugh up in just about every way, and it was just the first day of camp, with two weeks to go. This was supposed to be his time to shine, but this massive, stupid lug was going to ruin everything for him. Worse still, he discovered after dinner, the two of them were going to be rooming together in the college dorms.

As soon as they were in the room, Vince started stripping out of his clothes, and his musk started to permeate the air. Hugh tried to not let it bother him, and tried to ignore the fact that it was giving him a headache, and a hard on, until the shoes came off–and he lost it. He got down, shoved his face into one of Vince’s cleats, and started huffing in the musk, horrified, and unable to control himself.

Above him, Vince just sighed. “Fuck, was hoping you wouldn’t need it. They always put me with guys who need it. Don’t worry–I can help you, little guy,” Vince said, patting Hugh on the head, “We can help each other.”

Training camp day 4

Hugh wasn’t feeling good. At least, that’s what he told the camp coaches. In reality…Vince was right. This training really was more important than getting out on the field. He took a few long huffs from the stench of Vince’s tennis shoe, and he felt it, the same feeling he’d had inside him, starting in the last few days, and he felt himself…grow, slightly. Inflate, almost. Vince said that if he was good, if he did everything he told him to do, then he could make Hugh big–not as big as he was, but plenty big enough. Big enough to be a star player. Big enough to…not need it anymore.

He’d resisted at first, but last night, something in him had broken, and he realized why Vince had so much control over him–it was because he had what Hugh needed. Size. Power. Strength. So he’d agreed–Vince would coach him for the rest of the camp, and for his first day, that meant sitting here, huffing on his shoe with a moist jock shoved in the end all day long…but this…wasn’t so bad, was it? There was another dull throb, and he heard a bone pop and reset. No–this was exactly what he needed.

Training camp day 11

Hugh was ready for it, ready for what he really needed. He’d been practicing with the toys Vince had given him, the huge dildo and benwa balls, working them in and out of his hole. He was…so much bigger now, so much bigger. Six feet three inches, so much muscle mass, but he wouldn’t get any larger without…well, without Vince’s seed. It was only natural, after all–he needed it, but Vince was so large…he hadn’t been able to take him yesterday. But tonight would be different. He knew tonight would be different.

The door clicked, and Vince stepped in, seeing the massive man on the bed, gas mask still on with Vince’s dirtiest underwear inside, ass ready. He hauled out his fifteen inch cock, and pressed it to Hugh’s hole–it took some work over the next half hour, but finally it slid inside, and Vince fucked him, hard and rough, until he came, and gave Hugh exactly what he needed.

He could feel the seed inside him, coursing into his blood, changing him. His mind dulled rapidly, so quickly that Hugh didn’t even notice that he lost most of himself in the process. There was just…Vince. Just his master. Vince took the mask off, and revealed the almost ape-like visage underneath as the hair filled in across Hugh’s body, just another brutish beastial slave for Vince’s perpetually growing harem. Still, it’s what Hugh had needed–just maybe not what he wanted.

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