Holiday Curses – Thanksgiving (Part 4)

“Alright Luke, It’s your turn,” Mark said, “Come along now.”

Unable to resist, though it was clear he was fighting it as much as he could, he followed his younger brother back into another bedroom, and sat down on the bed, where Mark motioned for him to sit. “What the fuck is this shit?” he asked, trying to sound tough, but he was obviously confused, and scared, “You’d better cut this faggot shit out right fucking now.”

“Luke, you’re not going to be in a position to give orders anymore–not to me, or anyone else. No, I think that it is time that you learned what it meant to obey.”

Before Luke could say anything else, Mark opened the palm of his hand, and blew some of the prepared dust into his brother’s face. For a moment it scrunched up, like he was going to sneeze, but then it went completely slack, ready to listen, and absorb. Mark would give him three directives–and Luke would follow all three of them like they were all his own desires and thoughts. He wouldn’t remember any of this happening at all, in fact.

“Your first commandment. You will go to this address, when we are finished here. You will believe that the man who lives there, by the name of Buzz, to be a long time friend of yours, who you live with. You are going to ask Buzz to get you a job with him, working as a trash collector, because it is the only job you have ever wanted. You will be so thankful, when Buzz gets you your dream job, that you will be willing to do anything Buzz tells you to do, from that point on. That is the first.”

Luke gave a shudder, his eyes rolling back in his head for a moment, and then flipped forward, and he nodded, slowly. Buzz was an…acquaintance Mark had made, while he was preparing for his revenge–a dirty pervert who worked for the trash company, and who also happened to dabble in a bit of magic on occasion, though a…darker sort than Mark was practicing. He had gotten Mark some specialized ingredients, in exchange for, well, one of his brothers.

“Your second commandment. From now on, it will no longer occur to you to practice any sort of hygiene. You will forget to shower and shave, you won’t cut your hair or brush your teeth. You won’t change your clothes. The dirtier you become, the more you will enjoy being dirty. The more you enjoy being dirty, the more turned on you will become by your own filthy self, as well as by the dirty bodies of other men. Soon, the only thing that will get you hard, is being close to another unwashed man like you. That is the second.”

Again, his brother shuddered, and then went slack. It was time for the third. This one…well, Buzz had requested it, so he had to deliver. Still, even this was a bit more than he had planned for his brother.

“Your third commandment. You will, from now on, lose all control over your bladder and bowels. This will cause you great humiliation and shame, but you will find yourself unable to stop from soiling yourself over and over again. You will find it necessary to wear diapers, but you will find yourself unable to change them–only other men will be able to put a new diaper on for you. Wearing a dirty diaper will make you feel terrible, but it will also make you feel incredibly horny all the time, and the dirtier a diaper becomes, the more filthy and perverse your own desires will grow. That is the third.”

There was a third shudder from his brother, and when he snapped out of it, there was a loud fart from his brother, as he shit into the back of the jeans he was wearing, a dark patch on the front showing that he was pissing himself as well. He turned beet red, but snatched the address from his younger brother. “I…I have somewhere I need to get to, I…whatever, faggot.” Luke said, and fled the house in his dirty jeans, climbed into his car, and headed for Buzz’s apartment, and for whatever else Buzz had planned for him.

Finally, that left his father and his uncle–and the curse he had planned would work well enough for them both. His father and uncle had always prided themselves on escaping their redneck youth, and making their way to the city. As conservative as they were, they also hated the remnants of their family there, and saved a special kind of derision for them when they talked about it. Well, Mark had a spell that could make it so they had never even left.

It was a fate spell–he could go back to crucial moments in a person’s life, and set them off on a different course–and for his uncle and father, he knew exactly what kinds of fates to give them. He was going to derail their college hopes, and to do so, he was going to make each of them fall in love with someone back in the country, starting a relationship that would render their current self no more, aside from a faint memory. But who does Mark decide to set his father and uncle up with in the past?

Alright, these are some possible characters that his father and uncle might get hitched up with in the past. I might also mix and match qualities a bit, or combine characters, if it works out. The nice poll site got broke again for the month (I think this is probably all my fault that it keeps exceeding it’s bandwidth lol) so we’re back to poll junkie for the moment.

  • Older, dominant town sheriff
  • Dirty, perverse pig farmer
  • Massively obese truck driver
  • Rough, leather clad biker
  • Cigar smoking football coach
  • Lazy unemployed trailer trash

Here’s the public poll!

Here’s the patron only poll!

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