Holiday Curses – Thanksgiving (Part 1)

This next interactive is going to stretch over Thanksgiving and into December I think. This first part is setup: our protagonist, Mark, is going to set some curses lose on some well deserving family members. After that, Mark is going to visit each of them around Christmas time, and give them some gifts to go along with their curses, and see how things are…progressing. Mark, if he unbalances the scales too much, might end up cursed himself. Hope you enjoy it!

Mark hated the holidays, or more accurately, he hated his family, and so, if he had to spend it with his family, then it was a holiday that he was going to hate. The cast was always the same, at least since all of his grandparents were dead (a small consolation if there ever was one): his father and mother, his two older brothers, his father’s brother and wife, and his older cousin. His family came from rural, farm stock, but both his father and uncle had gone off to college and gotten jobs in the city–however, they’d brought their old-time, family values from their grandfather along with them. This hadn’t been an issue, until Mark came along.

Mark had always been cut from a different sort of cloth, when he was a kid. Thin and an easy target from bullying from his brothers and nephew, and no one had done anything to shield him growing up, hoping he would just toughen up eventually. When Mark had figured out he was gay…well, he’d hated himself for quite a long time, and hid the secret from his family all the way through college, though there, at least, he’d found a community that had allowed him to deal with his shame, and he could finally be out–to a small, select group. HIs relationships floundered, he couldn’t figure out how to deal with his family, and still have the sort of relationship he wanted, and so, he’d go home each year, a bachelor, everyone suspecting why but no one saying anything…but this year was going to be different. So, very different.

See, Mark was in the best relationship of his life, with the sweetest fellow–a fellow who also happened to be a bit of a warlock. A fellow who had been able to tell that Mark himself had a touch of magic himself, and with a bit of practice, Mark wasn’t just learning magic, he was blossoming with it. For the first time in his life, he felt…powerful, like a gift had been given to him that he could use to rebalance the scales of his life–because with that balancing, he was finding, he could never be free. It was time for some karmic justice against the men of his family, and his lover had helped him design a few curses that would help bring the scales back into balance.

He had four curses planned, and all the supplies for them in the duffel hanging off his shoulder. One of them would be shared–suffered by both his uncle and his father–while the other three would be saved, one for each of the younger men who had bullied him so severely in his youth. He knocked on the door, and his aunt answered the door–after a short conversation, she realized that she needed to go home with her sister in law, right that moment, climbed in her car and waited. After a few minutes, when Mark found his mother in the kitchen cooking the Thanksgiving feast, he sent her out as well, and together, the two women drove off. Neither of them had been particularly cruel to him, and they didn’t deserve what was coming to the men left inside. In a night, neither of them would even recall having met their husbands, if everything ges according to plan. After that, he sent the three wives of his brothers and nephew on their way as well, suggesting they leave them, and settle down with other men, soon. None of the men inside found it odd that their  wives had left–the five of them were all sitting in the main room, watching television, giving Mark plenty of time to set up the three rooms for his brothers and nephews–he would deal with them each in turn, and then turn his attention to his father and uncle, once they were finished.

It took about an hour, but finally it was ready–he’d deal with them in order of age, he thought, from his older brother, then his nephew, then his younger brother, especially since the curse he had planned for John, the oldest, took the most time. John considered his body to be a temple, one that he ruled, and he never allowed anything he thought to be impure to enter it–so he decided that his brother, in retribution, ought to pick up a few vices of his own. What sorts of addictions does Mark have in mind for his older brother?

What sorts of addictions does Mike have in mind for his oldest brother John? I’ll use the top two or three choices from the poll in the next chunk.

  1. Piss
  2. Chaw
  3. Pain
  4. Booze
  5. Musk
  6. Dildos
  7. Porn
  8. Cum 
  9. Cigars 

Here’s the public poll

Here’s the patron only bonus poll

Votes will be collected over the weekend sometime!

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