Police Dogs – Episode 2 (Part 3)

Chance tried to shove the badger away, but the dingo shifted his paws and grabbed Chance by the wrists, allowing Geoff the chance to throw the collar around Chance’ neck, slip it through the buckle and pull it tight. However, Chance pulled away from him while he was about to latch it, and the collar pulled too tight; the buckle cinching his neck uncomfortably for a moment, until it seemed to relax…though everything felt so…strange all of a sudden. Dingo let him go, assuming he would be under control now that the collar was on him, and Chance stumbled slightly, the room a bit…off kilter.

“Now look at what you went and made me do, pup–got the collar on too tight. Oh well, nothing to be done about it, I suppose. Now, are you going to be a good boy for me and officer Dingo here?”

At the words good boy, Chance moaned slightly, and felt his cock tent in the front of his slacks. “I…What the fuck is this thing?” He said, his hands going for the collar, but Geoff grabbed them before they could start testing the latch.

“Now now, good boys leave their collar right where it belongs, don’t they?”

Chance moaned again, and found himself nodding along. It…did feel good, to be a good boy, and if he wanted to be a good boy, the collar needed to stay on…didn’t it? He knew the logic didn’t make any sense, that he should be fighting this, but he nodded anyway. He was going to have to play along with this, if he wanted to get out of this mess–that, and he was going to have to try and get Angus to come to his senses, if he wasn’t already too far gone. He looked at the badger in front of him, and was a bit…confused. Before, he’d been taller than him by quite a few inches, but now, he was…taller? He looked around, over at Angus near them, and found he had to crane his neck up quite a bit to see him. “Did…did you get taller?”

“Nope, you got shorter,” Geoff said, “These collars of mine have quite a few tricks–but it only goes one way. Dingo there–he could get bigger, if I want, but you, since it tightened once, you can only get smaller now. Still, that’s not a bad thing, is it? I don’t think so–the two of you will be kind of cute together on the force, big Dingo and little…well, we don’t have a name for you yet, do we?”

The Badger stroked the side of Chance’ face with one of his claws, and he flinched away–though he felt and doing so, because he knew it would make the badger–Master, his head wanted to call him–mad, but Geoff just laughed. “Yeah, you have some fire in you–more than your sorry husband had–he rolled over for me right away, that one, was begging me for more not two days later. How about…Demon? I think that will be a good name for a fiery guy like you. I can already tell you’re going to be a bad boy. That’s ok–breaking bad pups is more fun anyway. Now, be a good boy, get down on your knees, and suck Dingo’s cock–why don’t you see what your husband has been hiding from you all week? He’s eager to show you now, trust me.”

The badger pressed down on Chance’ shoulders, forcing him to his knees, and Dingo–Angus, Chance had to keep telling himself, reminding himself that his husband was trapped somewhere in that fat dog’s body– bellied up to him, his paws already clawing open the fly of his uniform pants, while his tongue lolled out of his maw, drooling with excitement. Angus had been weird, ever since that traffic stop, and Chance realized that not once had he seen his husband completely naked–something which he would have noticed, if he hadn’t been busy. Now, the cock he was looking at was nothing like Angus’s cock had been, the angry red color, slick from the sheath it had emerged from. He shut his lips tight, fighting against the collar and the badger’s commands as hard as he could, determined not to give into this.

“Now pup, come on, open up,” the badger said, gripping Chance’ jaw in his hand, and squeezing the sides of his mouth until he had to open them. Dingo took advantage of the opening, and forced his cock into Chance’ mouth–it tasted…foul to him, but Dingo and Geoff weren’t about to let Chance off now that he’d opened up. Dingo wrapped both paws around the back of Chance’ head and started fucking him deeper, while the badger got down close, whispering into Chance ear how good it felt to be a good boy, how nice his partner’s cock tasted, how horny he was, being a good, cocksucking pup. As hard as Chance tried to resist it, the words were worming their way into his mind all the same, lulling him, and he fought a bit less, his hands finding their way around Dingo’s thick thighs, pulling the big mutt into him–just a little at first, but then more. He…he wanted his cock. He loved sucking cock, after all. He was…he was a good boy…yeah, a real good boy…

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