Spook Mart (Part 11)

This is the final installment of the Spook Mart series–I hope you all enjoyed them! Next month, I think, since holidays are a time for families, the next interactive is going to be focused on some family bonding, but I don’t have the details hammered out yet. In any case, the first episode will be up later this week or next.

He was going to escape this. Ferris pushed the fear away as best he could, and focused on what mattered most–his tether. None of this was real–well, it was real in a sense, but not in the sense that mattered most. These spirits, they used the life force of the people who wandered too deep in dreams as food, but also as fuel. Everything here…it was coming from him, but it was that spirit controlling things, turning his own mind against him. The beasts growled louder, shaking the cage, and he lost focus for a moment, but regained it. He pressed against the bars of his cage, trying to will himself beyond them, knowing that they weren’t really there, but it was no use. All of it was no use, there…there was nothing he could do.

He lost the feel of it, and couldn’t grip it again, and fear took hold instead, and he could feel himself changing again, changing more, teeth growing into tusks, new hair growing across his smooth body, but not human hair, it was rough, and stank of fear and weakness. HIs skin turned to hide, but in the rare moments of clarity, he could still feel it, still feel the body, his body, lying in the bed, back in the world he came from, and still he resisted.

The spirit, perhaps growing impatient, returned, hauled him out of the cage, and began violating him again as before, raping him, but assaulting his mind…but Ferris had a plan now. Outside of the cage, he felt…free. There was nothing blocking him from the tether, and so, he gripped it, and with all of his mental will, he dragged himself up out of the nightmare, towards the world…but too late, he realized that he wasn’t returning alone.

The beast, the nightmare, it was clinging to him, inside him. In his mind, in his soul, and as they slid out of the dream realm and back into the real world, it followed him inside his body as well. This, he realized, is what the monster had really wanted. It hadn’t been trying to simply eat him–no, it had wanted him to escape all along, after he was compromised, and now…now there was too much inside his body, and he was too weak to keep fighting–just getting out had sapped the last of his power.

There was a great release of energy, and Ferris screamed–or he tried to scream, at least. The tether snapped–he was not just outside of his body, he was severed from it–and it was the nightmare inside it now, taking the place of his soul. But he wasn’t dead, and he wasn’t falling back into the dream–all of that energy, so much of it, it had mass, and Ferris found himself on the floor of the bedroom beside the bed, trapped in some small, husk of a body, not even human, not really anything at all–and he was sure he would have died, had the nightmare not sat up, chuckling, and slid off the bed and onto the floor next to him.

“Thank you, mortal–I’ve been wanting to try being alive for so very long now, and you’re the first human stupid enough to give me the chance. But don’t worry, I don’t want to see you go, and we had such great fun in your dreams, didn’t we?”

The spirit laid his hand on the mass of flesh where Ferris was trapped, and he felt more energy flowing into him–but not his energy. No, it was…more of that same corruption as before, and after a few minutes, Ferris was able to breathe, and see…and he saw what he was, and he felt spirit grip his mind in the clutch of its power, and break it.

Ferris’s found himself in the same fat, hairy, stinking form as he’d been in the dream–or at least, Ferris would have, if Ferris existed any longer, after the spirit rent him. No–the beast wasn’t anyone, not anymore. The beast was a slave, a slave to the master, the master that inspired so much fear in the beasts guts that it would do anything to please him. The spirit, realized that the human cock it now possessed was hard–it had seen these often enough that it knew what it was for…and it was eager to try it. The spirit turned the beast around and fucked it, roughly, experiencing the pleasure of sex for the first time–and knowing it wouldn’t be the last. Still, if it was going to survive here, in this body, it would need more energy soon–still, it could sense so many mortals around it, everywhere, and so many terrors in their hearts.

Perhaps it would make a few more beasts for its pleasure–or perhaps it would just terrify them to death. The only thing the spirit knew for sure was that now that it was out of the realm of dreams, it wouldn’t be going back without a fight.


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