Suggested Story – Halloween Dreams (Prologue and Part 1) | Wesley Bracken on Patreon

For Halloween this month, I’m doing a multipart story for Patrons based off their suggestions from earlier this month. Here’s the little prologue as a teaser! If you’d like to see the first part, and the other parts coming along after it, one dollar a month towards my Patreon will get you access!

It requires the deepest need, and the four of them might not have needed it, but they certainly did want it. It required a target–and thankfully, they had just the sort of place in mind. After all, the local college had plenty of young men for them to target. They agreed on one fraternity in particular, with enough for all of them to enjoy. It required a conduit, something to connect them to the spirits that had the power to fulfill the need–one of them had an old ouija board, and so, the four older, lonely men gathered together, none of them certain that this would work, but too desperate to not at least try.

So they gathered in the dark, at the full moon before Halloween, each with their hands on the planchette, and chanted the incantation together. It turned out that the board wasn’t necessary at all, because the being that heard them, and answered them, was far more powerful than any of them were prepared for. But the demon was intrigued by these four lonely men, found their needs charming, and so easily twisted to its own ends and desires. So it, manifested, waited for the four of them to gather their wits, and they made their request–the request the demon had already seen written on their hearts.

“Young men,” their hearts said, “We desire them, and they do not desire us. Change that. Make them need us as much as we need them.”

The demon accepted their need, and accepted their target. It told them, that the four of them would be have their need granted, but that they must do so by the dawn of All Hallows, or else their souls would be forefit–as though they were not already, but the old men didn’t need to know that yet. With a few drops of blood from each, dropped on the conduit, the pact was sealed, and the demon slipped away into the ether–but not too far away. After all, it didn’t want to miss the show.

After the ceremony, the four men retreated, not feeling particularly different, but the manifestation had been too real to dismiss as fever dream or hallucination. None of them could really look at one another either, though, because the shame of what they had just done had begun to creep in, along with a deep exhaustion. Each of the four retired to their home, and fell into a deep sleep, and in their dreams that night, each of them was visited by the demon, who brought them visions. Deeper visions than any of them had ever witnessed before, deeper, filthier thoughts and desires they had all harbored, but had never wanted to know. Each of them woke late in the morning in cold sweats, their sheets stained with multiple loads of their seed…and they also knew, clearly, without any doubt, what was required of them, if they wanted to fulfill their need.

Suggested Story – Halloween Dreams (Prologue and Part 1) | Wesley Bracken on Patreon

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