Spook Mart (Part 7) [Interactive]

Jules…was feeling odd. He’d been feeling odd for a while now–he thought about just saying he was drunk, but this wasn’t quite the same thing as being just, drunk. No–he didn’t feel drunk, not exactly. He felt dumb, and…and aggressive, and horny, and not at all like himself at the moment, not at all. There was something wrong with him, something he couldn’t quite pin down, and there was also something wrong with the beer he’d been drinking all night, but Jules didn’t know that.

The Cave Aged IPA had sounded interesting, and certainly packed a punch, but now that the bottle was finished and he was trying to figure out why he felt so strange…and he wondered if he needed to puke. It wouldn’t be the first time he’d done so–hell, the frat had found him passed out a few times in there as a freshman, so this wouldn’t be a first at all, but usually he had better control of himself, but as soon as he got in there, he realized that control was something he didn’t have much of at all, as his cock released a blast of piss, wetting the front of his costume, running down his legs, and pooling at his feet.

He snorted up the smell, and it triggered something in his mind, and he grunted. It smelled…not good, but right. He…He was marking his territory, it was good that things smelled like him. He turned to look at the mirror, squinting at his face, trying to recall it. His brow…shouldn’t be that heavy, should it? Or his mouth that wide? There was definitely too much hair, and he gave the side of his head a scratch, trying to focus. Something…was wrong. He was wrong. Clothes…why was he wearing these clothes? They were so tight, and so constricting. He pawed at them, trying to figure out the snaps and buttons and zippers, but all they did was frustrate them, and so, with few grunts he just started tearing them off, at least, the ones he wasn’t growing out of. His shoes burst before he could figure out the laces, and he wiggled his massive toes and huge feet, heavily calloused and smelling…wonderful, snorting in his own scent that was filling the small bathroom, and his…cock was so hard, all of a sudden, but that wasn’t what mattered. What mattered, in his fading mind, was that something was wrong, that he needed help from someone.

He stumbled out of the bathroom, crouching now, and went to the next room where he head people talking, but when he opened it…what he found weren’t people at all, not really. Two pig men, frat bros as well, whose costumes and room had been laced with pork powder were rutting on the bed, their fat frames jiggling, oinking and squealing, and seeing them fuck was making Jules hard–and as he got hard, the worry and concern left with them, and he…he wanted to fuck too.

The two pigs were more than happy to let the caveman join in, though Jules was more interested in dominating than just fucking. The two pigmen didn’t mind in the least–they wanted nothing more to have their holes filled, preferably with food, but cock would do in a pinch. But as Jules fucked them, the powder on the two pigs, and on their bed and clothes, began to rub off on him as well–and a curious reaction took hold of him, as he changed again.

His skin became a rough hide. Two tusks erupted from his mouth as the rest of his teeth flattened slightly. His cock warped, but not as much as the two pigs’ cocks had. It no longer looked human though, and it was massive, easily a foot long, with a thick foreskin covering a tapered cock head. His fingers fused into three thick trotter like fingers, and the toes of his massive feet turned into hard trotters as well. With every thrust into the pigs’ holes, the more his human mind retreated, until he was nothing more than an animal–and after a few hours, the pigmen lost all sense of their human selves as well, happy to keep rutting with their filthy, massive caveman master. Shortly before dawn, the three of them left the house, two massive boars and their hulking pigman master, all of them eager to add a few more pigs, boars and hogs to their stable.

Part 3 – Halloween Alone

It had always been his favorite holiday, Halloween. Dressing up in costumes as a kid, the parties in college…but while it still had a certain charm, Ferris was a bit too old for any of that now, especially now that his kids were grown up and out of the house, and especially since Ellie had passed on a few years before. He still decorated the house of course, though not as much as some people did, but usually it was a quiet night in, passing out candy, reading by the fire. Still, he hadn’t seen this store before, and it piqued his curiosity–Spook Mart. It wasn’t the largest store, or the most high end, but it had a surprising amount of charm–and quite a few brands of products he’d never seen before. It was also the first Halloween store he’d been in that had a section of books to sell!

Some of them were obvious–pumpkin carving, house decorating, horror stories–but some of the others were much more fantastic, and hard to believe even existed. They all had to be joke books, there was no other real explanation, and yet…he was still delightfully intrigued, but when he tried to open one up to read it, the shopkeeper appeared behind him and smacked his hand, telling him reading was only allowed after he’d bought it. The old fellow had gusto, Ferris had to give him that. So he picked the one he found the most interesting, bought it, took and home and started to read.

Come Halloween night, however, Ferris’ home was dark, and there was no candy to be found. Ferris had…learned something. Something vital, and was occupied with something quite a bit more important. Something that was going to change his life forever.

This is the third story arc in the Spook Mart series, and probably the last of them. What sort of book did Ferris buy, and decide to try out before Halloween?

  1. Demon Summoning for Dummies
  2. Working With Portals: Your Ticket to the Outer Planes
  3. Lucid Dreams: Control Your Mind, and Control Your Sleep!
  4. The Magic of Time: Alternate Pasts, Alternate Futures

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