Spook Mart (Part 4) [Interactive]

The two guards dragged Raphael down to the basement lab, where Miles–or the animal that had been Miles, was fighting against its bonds, desperate to escape. Now that he was closer, Raphael saw the truth–this was no prop or prosthetic–this was real. This insane doctor had turned Miles into a chimera right in front of his eyes.

“Well, I had hoped for a breeding pair, but I had given up hope after the last one expired during exploratory testing. A pity you have matching sex organs, but that’s not a impossible barrier, thankfully,” the doctor said, looking over Raphael’s naked frame, before sinking a needle into Raphael’s thigh and injecting him with some mysterious serum. Almost immediately, there was a burning pain in his cock and balls, and looking down, he could see them growing…smaller, shrinking up into his body until it was simply flat, and then slightly concave, and a new hole opened up between his thighs, but it was like no pussy he had ever seen in his life.

The burning was inside him as well, rearranging his organs, and the sudden flush of new hormones began warping the rest of him as well, as his muscles turned to fat, settling around his hips and chest especially, and with a low moan, Raphael realized that, more than anything else, he was horny. He began humping against his bonds, staring at Miles’ massive horse cock, craving to feel it inside him, aching for it, and when the doctor released him from the table, Raphael rushed over, climbed up on him, and slid the massive cock into his new pussy with one thrust.

Miles was trying to talk, trying to get his neighbor to snap out of it, but Raphael could only mindlessly fuck himself on the massive cock, eager to feel it flood his womb with seed, knowing that the seeds filling his guts would eagerly take all of it, and soon…soon, he would have children, so many children for the doctor. In the end, Raphael got what he wanted–a few times over. When the guards finally pulled him off Miles’s cock, his seed was running from Raphael’s new pussy, and he kept trying to use his hands to push it back in, back inside him where it belonged, where he needed it, and he was rushed off to his cell. Already, he could feel some of his children inside him coming alive and gestating rapidly, throbbing and kicking inside him. He didn’t know what they would be when they emerged, but he knew he would love them, and care for them, and that if he ever needed more, he was sure the doctor would give him more from Miles in due time.



Tale #2

Early October

“Let’s just see what they have,” Gerard said, as he pushed his way into the shop, followed by his three friends, Keith, Ricky and Hugh.

“This is such a dumb idea, they’ll beat the living shit out of us.”

“They won’t even know it’s us! We’ll sneak in, plant the stuff, and then get out before the party even starts. We can watch what happens from the window.

“So they’ll beat us up the next day, great.”

The four of them, reservations aside, were there to find pranks. Gerard had, recently, come into possession of a working key to the jock frat near their house. They held a big halloween party each year, and the four nerds had decided to play a few tricks on the jocks this year. The owner of the shop was more than happy to show them to his tricks section, full of odd, off brand pranks none of them had really heard of, and they weren’t entirely sure what they were even going to do. Still, they were cheap, and so they each loaded up with a few weapons of choice, ready to give those jocks a Halloween they wouldn’t forget for a very long time.

With the new voting system, I can do things a bit differently for this mini-story! Below are some of the pranks that the nerds bought to use against the jocks. I’ll probably eliminate a few of the less popular ones, and then craft a few short pieces about how the pranks affect the jocks on Halloween night.

  1. Baby bombs
  2. Laughing gas
  3. Itch powder 
  4. Slob soda 
  5. Hypno light
  6. Dad’s cigars
  7. Latex spray
  8. Caveman brew
  9. Truth serum 
  10. Horndog candy
  11. Pork powder
  12. Shrink ray

The public poll is here!

The patron only poll is here!

Voting ends on Monday!

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