Spook Mart (Part 2) [Interactive]

He was up to something, Raphael was sure of it. Miles wasn’t one to just give up on something, and admit that he lost–no, Miles chased it down to the very end, which is why he was so fun to taunt. Each year, Miles tried to go so big with his holiday decorations, but throwing money at a problem like that was enough to look alright, but he had no vision. Raphael loved the holidays, he had his themes picked out months in advance, he’d been planning everything to the finest detail, but Miles just didn’t get it. But this year, he wasn’t doing anything. His house across the street was entirely bare, and whenever Raphael asked him about his decorating plans, he played coy, and didn’t say anything, just that he was waiting to set up so he didn’t ruin the surprise.

Halloween day rolled around, and out in front of Miles’ house, a large truck pulled up in front, with the logo “Spook Mart” on the side. Raphael had gone there to check it out, but found nothing interesting for his setup–what could Miles have found he thought might out do his own display?

In the end, Raphael couldn’t see much. The crew that got out of the van strung tarp across the sidewalk and driveway so no one could see it–probably so they wouldn’t ruin the surprise, or what not. He couldn’t help the curiosity though, and he wanted to know what in the world his neighbor was planning on having those men do to his house. Turn it into a haunted house for the neighborhood? Some extravagant special effect? Not knowing was killing him, slowly, but it wasn’t until dusk that the tarp would come down, and he would see for himself.

Across the street, Miles was having trouble of his own. The crew was ignoring his demands and just storming in and out of his house–the even knocked a hole in the wall without asking him, or an apology, like they were doing it on purpose! When he tried to stop them, the workers just grabbed him, tied him to a chair in the kitchen, or in a room that was looking less and less like a kitchen with each passing day, and left him there yelling and shouting for help. He was only there for a couple of minutes, before a new fellow he hadn’t seen from the van came up to him, shouting orders at the workers as he did.

He was short, and older, with a shock of wild curly grey hair on his head, and rather wild looking eyes. “Ah, there you are Mr. Yonski, so thankful to you for allowing me the use of your property for my lab this grand evening–and thank you too, for signing my test subject waiver! I can’t tell you what it means, to have someone so generously donate their lives to science.”

Miles had no idea what the crazy looking man was talking about, and kept trying to scream for help, when the doctor sank a needle into the side of his neck, plunging the sedative into his system, and paralyzing Miles within moments. “Now now, let’s not make a scene here–that’s what tonight is for, after all,” he turned to a couple of laborers and shouted, “Hey! Bozos! Get him down in the basement, and onto a table. I want to get to work. I hate all these…aesthetics, but it can’t be helped. At least try to keep the noise down so I can concentrate.”

Supervising them the whole way, the doctor led them down into the basement of Miles’ home, which he hadn’t even noticed had been converted into a sizable laboratory in a matter of hours. Down there, he was laid on a table and strapped into place, fully aware of what was going on, but unable to move a muscle. When the laborers had left, the doctor cut away Miles’ clothing–all of it–and started taking his measurements, and a few initial tests.

He could see, outside, that the afternoon was fading into night, when the doctor finally made his pronouncement. “Well, I think I know just the project for you to help me out with Miles. Don’t worry, I’ve tested it on a few others before, nothing too permanent, I promise. You’ll feel mostly like yourself in no time at all.”

He tried to scream again, as the doctor went to work. Outside, the laborers were finishing up, and took down the tarp, revealing a now dilapidated house, full of wires and sparks, some of them useful, and others less so. Every few minutes, a lightning strike would come out of the blue sky and strike the lightning rod on top of the house, making everything shudder and light up with a flash.

Raphael was, you could say, impressed. It didn’t really count in his book though, because he hadn’t even done it himself. As the night started and trick or treaters appeared, however, he noticed something odd–no one was answering the door. When there was a lull, he went over to see what was happening, but got no answer either–but he heard someone in there, or something at least, down in the basement, but he couldn’t see what was going on. He tried the door, and it was unlocked…but Miles was nowhere to be found. He slid inside, and headed for the basement to investigate.

So, what sort of project did our good doctor decide to test out on Miles?

  1. Hyde Serum
  2. Nanobot Integration
  3. Genetic Splicing
  4. Parasitic Propagation

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Votes will be collected on Thursday!

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