Spook Mart (Part 1) [Interactive]

For this next round of interactive, I would like to do a few mini stories, all of them Halloween based! In each chapter, we’ll meet a character with a Halloween related problem, solved by our mysterious store, Spook Mart. Once the purchase is made, we’ll fast forward and see how that choice plays out on Halloween night. Once each small story concludes, we’ll return to the shop, set up a new story, and continue on. I have three planned, but if a fourth occurs to me, or if I get bored, I’ll move onto something else, as I tend to do anyway.

It’s september, and that means that every vacant storefront in every strip mall all across the country have all be converted into Halloween stores–at least until November. For some, it’s a sign of the season, a reason to get excited about the first big holiday of the fall and winter–for others, they come too soon, and signal the end of summer. But this year, in this small town, a new store has opened up–not that anyone ever remembers the names of these shops from year to year. Spook Mart–rather ramshackle, perhaps, but the proprietor swears by his products, and promises that if you use his wares, you’ll have a holiday like nothing else.

That, it turns out, is exactly what Miles Jarvis wanted–a holiday like no other. Well, he would settle for any version of the holiday that was better than his neighbor’s, Raphel Williams. They had a running contest to deck out their homes for each holiday, and lately, it had become an arms race, with giant inflatables, and huge animatronics–it was costing Miles a small fortune, and he knew it was ridiculous, but he…needed to be the best at…something for once. Goodness knows, his mediocre life, and mediocre family, and mediocre job didn’t give him much room for excellence.

He’d gone to Spook Mart, hoping that, since it was new, he might be able to swoop in and nab anything interesting before his neighbor could–but inside he was rather…unimpressed. The aisles of decor offered the same usual tripe–tombstones, skeletons, cobwebs, spiders–nothing impressive enough to beat out Raphael, at least. Before he could leave, however, the owner came up and started chatting with him, asking him what he was looking for, and Miles started talking about the competition…and the owner’s eyes lit up.

“Oh! Well, I doubt this aisle will excite you much then–this is all rather basic. However, I do offer a decorating service through my business, and I must say, the results are always…well, rather unbelievable. A full makeover of your whole property, top to bottom. The crew arrives Halloween day, fixes you up, and tears it down the next day for you–no pressure at all.”

Miles was hesitant at first. For one thing, he…kind of considered it to be cheating, to hire someone to do all the work for him, but the owner was…persuasive, took him back to his office, and showed him a flipbook of what he had to offer. When Miles saw the pictures…well, if the man could deliver this sort of thing for his own house, well, he’d beat Raphael, guaranteed! The prices weren’t even as bad as he was expecting, either. In the end, he chatted with the owner for a bit, chatting about what theme he’d like for his property this year. Once he settled for one, he signed the contract, and whistled his way out of the store. He…didn’t have to do anything at all now, and he wouldn’t breathe a word of it to Raphael–he’d let his neighbor let his guard down, and then, surprise him on the day with something he wouldn’t be able to believe was even real.

But which package did Miles decide on?

  1. Deliverance Package – Rednecks, swamps, gators, and other dangers around each corner.
  2. Inferno Package – Send your visitors on a trip to hell, with demons, ghosts and other punishments from beyond.
  3. Mad Science Package – Let one of our resident mad scientists turn your house (and possibly your neighborhood) into their lab for the night!
  4. Roswell Package – A strange craft has crashed into your home, and the visitors are not…particularly friendly.

Here’s the standard poll!

Here’s the patron only poll!

Voting ends on Wednesday!

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