Police Dogs: Episode 1 (Part 6)

“Come on, get up,” Geoff said.

Angus stood up, but it was harder than it should have been. He could…see his gut sticking out from his waist, and it seemed so much larger than it had been, but it also felt…right, somehow. They went into the bedroom, and stood in front of the mirror on the wall. Angus was shocked. It wasn’t at all the reflection he was expecting, his body mostly covered with tan fur, his fat gut hanging surprisingly low, his face misshapen, more muzzle than mouth now, teeth…sharper than he remembered them being.

“You look like a mean dog, don’t you?” Geoff said, “I wouldn’t want to tangle with you on a dark night in an alley.”

“I…I guess so, sir.”

“Go on, growl, bare those teeth for me.”

Angus did, and he even scared himself a bit–not only because he did look a bit fierce…but also because it felt kind of good. It made his dick jump. Not as much as when he obeyed Master, of course, but…but Master was right, he did look like a mean dog.

“Yeah, that’s it–I don’t have to worry about you though. Around me, you’re just a good little puppy dog, aren’t you? You’d never bite the paw that feeds you,” He pulled out a doughnut he’d brought along, and slid it into Angus’s mouth, watching him devour it. “Yeah–that’s a good boy. Still, you could be a bit more imposing, I think. Let me see that collar.”

Angus was a bit worried that he might take it off him, but all Geoff did was loosen it a couple notches, making it feel loose around his neck–though it didn’t stay loose for long. In the mirror, he watched his frame start to swell, all of him growing evenly, until he was a few inches taller than before, and almost too wide to see himself in the mirror. He looked down at Master, and was surprised by how small he seemed to him now–he must have towered over him by a foot and a half or so…and while he knew he was probably stronger than him, and could take him in a fight, he stamped out that idea as quick as he could. He’d never hurt his Master, never in a million years–no, but if his Master didn’t like anyone…well, Angus knew what he could do to them.

“Yeah, that’s fucking hot, look at you,” Geoff said, “A big stupid, feral mutt, that’s what you are.”

“I…I thought I was a dingo…”

“Shut up. Get on your knees boy–I think you’ve finally earned this bone.”

Angus dropped to his knees as fast as he could, while Geoff pulled his cock free, and Angus started slobbering all over it. He had to be careful of his fangs now–they were much sharper than they’d been before, and Master had to slap him upside the head when he scraped his cock on them by accident, but he got the hang of it before long, and it tasted even better than he remembered. That, or he could just taste it better. His eyes seemed a bit dimmer somehow, but every other sense was ratcheted up–smell in particular. He found himself snorting in his Master’s scent, wanting to know it, and never, ever forget it.

Geoff got tired of his boy’s muzzle after a couple minutes, and ordered him to bend over the bed instead. The badger watched the dingo’s tail wag high in anticipation, knowing what was coming next. Geoff fucked him, and it hurt at first, but soon he was panting hard and pushing back, his own cock leaking onto the bed sheets beneath him. He never wanted this to end, he never wanted his Master to stop fucking him, even though he was equally desperate to feel the badger seed his load deep inside him. The badger’s thrusts quickened, and then he came deep, Angus letting off a howl of excitement, his own cock exploding, knowing he’d been a very good boy even without Master having to say it. He cleaned off Master’s cock afterwards on the bed, and Geoff pet him, running his claws through his soft tan fur, watching the brown highlights come in on his back, his tail filling out. He wasn’t quite finished, but would be by morning.

As they laid there, he filled his newest pet in on his new life. He didn’t work in an office anymore, and certainly wasn’t married to any human. No–he was Geoff’s partner on the police force, the meanest police dog on the force, at least until they got home. Here, he was Geoff’s chubby fuckhound, desperate to do anything for the badger’s cock. Parts of him tried to fight, but they were fading quickly. By bedtime, Angus was mostly gone–he was just Officer Dingo, now. He curled up beside his Master’s bed, where he always slept, and was snoring before too long, Geoff looking down, admiring the handsome boy he’d claimed for himself. This one, he really did want to keep for himself–it was a pity he came with so many strings attached. He’d dealt with harder cases before, though–it was nothing he couldn’t handle. He dug out Angus’s old wallet from his pants, memorizing the address before burning it, and the clothes, in the fireplace. They’d pay his one time husband a visit tomorrow, with another one of his special collars. Who knows? Maybe he’d get a couple of pliant pets for himself by the end of tomorrow night. Of course, if the husband didn’t come along easily, there were always other solutions as well.

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