Police Dogs: Episode 1 (Part 1)

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“Are you sure you’re good to drive?”

“I had less to drink than you did.”

Chance couldn’t argue with that, he supposed, but it did make him feel like an idiot. Usually they were a bit better about this when they drove into the city to go to a club on the weekend, but that cute polar bear had kept buying him drinks, and he hadn’t wanted to seem rude, even if he was supposed to be the designated driver. “Sorry,” he said, leaning against the car.

“No worries, it’ll be fine. I got a coffee,” Angus said, holding up the to go cup he’d gotten from a 24 hour cafe they’d passed on the way, sloshing a little bit as he did.

“We should just get a taxi.”

“And then what, get towed tomorrow morning? It’ll be fine. I’ll go slow, and I got you, right?”

Mostly, Chance just wanted to crawl into bed, but it wasn’t really too far to home–just half an hour or so–and it wasn’t like they hadn’t driven it plenty of times before. “Alright, but promise me you’ll be careful.”

“Of course.”

Chance didn’t really need any help staying awake though, because Angus’s driving was a bit more…erratic than he would have liked it to be. Still, they made it out of the city without major incident–only running one red light–and then out onto the highway, which was mostly clear of traffic this late at night, or early in the morning, he supposed, depending on your perspective. They were only a few exits away from their turnoff, when they heard the flare of a siren behind them, and Angus cursed under his breath.

“What, were you speeding?”

“A…little? I just wanted to get there faster.”

“Fuck–well, let’s just hope he’s not an asshole.”

Angus nodded, and pulled off onto the shoulder of the highway, giving his bearded face a couple of slaps, before guzzling the rest of his coffee, and pulling his license out of his pocket and the registration out of the glove compartment, rolled down the window, and they waited. After a minute, there was a crunch of boot on gravel, and the officer appeared at the window–a badger, from the silhouette. That…wasn’t a good sign. Maybe it was stereotyping, but the badgers Angus had always dealt with in the past had been, stubborn, hardheaded little pieces of work. The other reason it didn’t bode particularly well was because there was no doubt he’d be able to smell the alcohol on their breath. “Evening fellas,” the badger said, “License and registration please.”

Angus handed over the documents, and the badger looked them over with his flashlight, before shining it in the car at them both. “Out having a nice time tonight?”

“We’re just coming home from a vacation, officer,” Chance said, quickly, and Angus cleared his throat.

“Oh?” the badger said, leaning in a little close. “Do you know why I pulled you over?”

“I…was speeding a bit. Just tired, and eager to get home.”

“That, and you were swerving for about a mile–having trouble staying in your lane?”

Had he been swerving that much? Angus didn’t really remember, but he also knew there was no good answer he could give, so he said nothing.

“Would you step out of the car, sir?”

Angus unbuckled his seatbelt, and got out of the car, trying to project confidence…but the jig was probably up, and they both knew it. The badger was a bit shorter than him, around five feet tall, but he projected an aura of authority that made Angus feel a little intimidated all the same. The badger ran him through several sobriety tests–seemingly just to humiliate him, as Angus knew he wasn’t passing a single one. The badger just seemed to enjoy watching him struggle, and when he finally made him blow into a breathalyzer, the reading of 0.13 just served to confirm what they all already knew.

Angus didn’t know what to say, as the badger shook his head. “That is quite a bit over the legal limit–why not have your friend drive?”

“My husband had more than I did.”

The badger just nodded, and smirked slightly. “Well, I’m afraid I’m going to have to place you under arrest. When he sobers up, he can pick you up–though I’m going to have to have to car towed–he can’t legally drive it, after all, and that makes it an abandoned vehicle.”

Angus gulped, thinking about the fees and fines already stacking up, which they didn’t quite have to money to pay for. “Look, I…it’s only a couple more miles, I feel fine, please–just…just ticket me for the speeding, please…”

The look in the badger’s eye glistened a bit, and he reached for his handcuffs. “Turn around and face the car, hands behind your back.”

It had been a long shot, but worth a shot at least. With a sigh, he turned around, and the badger yanked his wrists around and cuffed them behind his back–but instead of leading him back to the cop car, the badger, instead, gave him a pat down. A rather…intimate pat down.

“You know, you and your husband aren’t bad looking, for humans, I suppose. Not really my usual type, honestly.” The badger kneaded the sides of Angus’s gut, and then he came in close, pressing his bulge against his ass, reaching around with one clawed hand and squeezing his cock through the jeans he was wearing. “I could be convinced to look the other way, I suppose, make sure the two of you get home safely, tonight, if you could help me out a little bit like a good boy.”

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