The Fetish Gun is Loose (Part 8) [Interactive]

Well would you believe it was yet another perfect tie? This time, between the redneck dad and son, and the rubber gimp who has eyes on Davie. Looks like we’re going to have another struggle on our hands. Also, instead of running the free polls through twitter as I have been, I’m going to be using a different site instead. You shouldn’t need an account or anything, just click the link and vote!

The father and son looked at the gun, that was finally done sputtering sparks, and then headed towards it a bit cautiously–at least, until the two of them saw the man dressed head to toe in rubber gear heading right for it as well. All three of them rushed the gun, but none of them got their hands on it to claim it, sending it spinning across the floor again, the dial whirling around as it did [Randomized setting–C (Objectification)]. The person closest to it was the redneck father, who flung his body over it, grabbed it, rolled over onto his back, thankful for all the target practice he’d done as a kid on his father’s ranch way back when (at least, when he wasn’t sucking Pa’s cock, like his son sucked his now). He fired at the rubber gimp, not bothering to check the dial, and nailed the gimp right in the middle of his chest, or rather, nailed the rubber suit all over his body. He glowed momentarily, but nothing else seemed to happen, no matter how long the dad held down the trigger.

He released it, looked at the gun, confused, and then pointed it at the gimp and fired again, but this time, the gimp was ready. He didn’t have time to get the gun from the father, and so he just grabbed his son and pulled him in front, shielding him from the gun’s blast, as the father shot his son instead.

This time, the gun had a definite effect. The boy froze, and the father watched in shock as he fell back into the gimp, his face apparently melting as his entire body became rubber, blackening until it was the same color as the gimp’s suit–and then, his boy simply merged into him, the gimp feeling the suit around him quiver and spasm as the boy’s consciousness inhabited the garment, his now simple, rubberized mind delighting in how good it felt to be clinging to this man’s body. After a few moments it was done–the boy was completely gone, and the father just stared, slack jawed, unable to believe what had just happened to his boy.

The gimp, however, saw his opportunity. He grabbed the gun from the father’s hands, the dial spinning again as he did [Randomized setting–E (Absorbtion)] turned it around, and shot it right into the father’s chest. Nothing happened, as he held the trigger down–at least for a moment. Then, he noticed that the father’s denim and flannel were changing, merging down the front and becoming a set of rubber overalls. It wasn’t quite what the gimp had in mind, he supposed, but it was still sexy as hell. He let go of the trigger, but the father didn’t stop changing–he stepped closer to the gimp, unsure of what he was feeling, and the closer he got, the more of the gimp’s fetish he absorbed–and the more the man in the suit began to reassert his own identity. He tugged off the gasmask, gasping for breath, and flung it to the ground. The father stared at it, and found himself consumed with the idea of wearing it–he picked it up, and the mask shuddered and changed into a rubber pig hood–he pulled it on, and he realized what he was now–he was a rubber pig, a gimp meant for the farm, just a submissive animal hungry to serve some burly, redneck farmer. He gave a snort and rubbed his piggy cock through the front of his overalls, and watched the man in front of him struggle with the rubber suit he was wearing.

It refused to come off him, for some reason. With some horror, the ex-gimp realized that the boy inside the rubber was refusing to come off him–it wanted to be on him, it needed to be on him more than anything, and so he was determined to remain right where he was. While he struggled, he didn’t notice the rubber pig looking at the gun in his hands, turning the dial, not certain what all of the settings meant. In the end, he turned it to setting A, fetishization, pointed at the struggling man, and pulled the trigger.

The man stopped struggling almost immediately, and the rubber he was wearing began to quiver. It didn’t want to change right away, but the boy in them relented to the force of the gun, and after a moment, they became a set of rubber overall waders, much like what the pig was wearing. The man changed in other ways too, however. His mind slowed, and turned cruel, thinking about the son he had trapped in his overalls, marinating in his sweat and musk–and with a grin, he started pissing in them as well, the boy absorbing the filth, growing hungry for his master’s–his daddy’s–piss. Meanwhile, the pig got down on all fours, thick rubber mitts appearing on his hands, and nuzzled at it’s master’s–once upon a time, his brother’s–cock, until Master hauled out his nine inch, uncut member and fed it to the hungry pig, letting him eat the cheese out, and taste the last of the piss he’d held back. The pig let the gun drop, no longer needing it, and the man pushed the pig off his cock long enough to pick it up–and then looked over at Davey, still being worshiped by his horde of eager disciples, begging him to inflate their cocks and bodies as large as his was.

Still, it had been a long, and rather wild night. Maybe it was time for the gun to shut off, store it’s data, and wait for it’s creator to collect it.


So, what would you like to see happen next?

Davey sends his posse after the gun, and the rubber redneck has to fight them off it.

The rubber redneck plans a sneak attack on Davey, though it might backfire.

Rick wakes up as his boots shift back into some (changed) men, and then they go after the gun.

The gun shuts off and shuts down; we wrap up the story here. (10% chance, vote for this to increase it)

Here’s the general poll

Here’s the Patron only bonus poll

I’ll be tabulating the votes in a couple of days!

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