From @yearofthepiglet: I think this post is thoughtful, and I appreciate ot! Regarding the previous comment, in erotic context, there’s no purely visual cue to separate a racist/nationalist/naxi skinhead from a purely gay fetish-type skinhead. Eroticizing the latter often looks/feels like eroticizing the former. A PoC or Jewish person reading stories about skinheads could easily believe fetishists were becoming even more unwelcoming to them by fetishizing the people who brutalize them.

I think, visually, this is spot on, but I have a bit more latitude in written erotica to draw out these sort of distinctions. I also think that PoC and Jewish folk (speaking as someone who comes from a Jewish family) can make their own determinations about what excites them sexually–which might have nothing to do with what they want to experience in real life. People are…complex, and oppression is complicated, and sexual desire is murky, confusing, and impossible to rationalize. What you feel just is what you feel–these answers today are just my attempt to communicate how I am feeling now, at this moment, about what I (don’t) want to write and why.

Mostly, I think it’s important to distinguish between sexually fantasizing about fascist behavior and relationships (which I think is, generally, outside of ethics, because I don’t think we’re really capable of controlling these sort of feelings) and actually belonging to an authentic fascist group (which is most certainly not, ever, ok). Fantasy is…complicated. Sexual desire is complicated. The joy of BDSM as a sexual politics is that it provides a framework where these sorts of complex desires can be mediated between people in a safe environment and with consent. In the same way, fiction and erotica can be a way for people to explore these desires in safe contexts. But these same frameworks can be hijacked and used to excuse behavior and beliefs which are damaging, hurtful, and dangerous to not only others, but to our own communities as well.

I generally want to believe the best of people, but realistically speaking, gay men aren’t immune to the pull of white supremacy as an ideology, and I have no real interest in enabling that, or fueling it. I think, at this point in politics, it’s more important to be careful about what we say, and how we appear, and take stock of what we are enabling, and who we are valuing, in our communities, and why.

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