From @rbbrpigmen: fully concur. For my part, I’ve been more cautious of what sort of stuff gets shared. Fortunately I’m not as hot with the tumblr so much these days, but can find myself going to the original tumblr of something and notice posts that cross lines into dodgy ideology and anything political. There may be one or two posts that edge towards that, but ultimately the idea of these tumblrs are to get your rocks off in imaginative ways and hope everyone’s cool enough to enjoy.

and I could go on but was unaware these reply things had a limit godammit.

I think it’s becoming increasingly difficult to try and parse out who is being ironically edgy with this sort of thing and just erotically shitposting, and who is being earnest with it in a way that is actively harmful. In the end, I don’t think the two of them have that much of a difference in terms of outcome or appearance–you can think you’re just having a taboo laugh reblogging the 14 words or whatever, but it looks exactly the same as someone reblogging it because they actually believe it–and irony is a very weak shield, in my opinion. 

We’re all only responsible for what we post. We can’t control the content of others on here, or any other site like this. All we have is our own lines, our own judgement, and we’ll each have to bear whatever consequences come out of those choices.

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