House of Marvels -Episode 1 (Part 8)

Eric rolled him over, so he was belly up, looking up at him on the ground, his cock still buried in his hole. Before he could do anything to resist him–not that the old man would ever resist him–he took a long draw off the pipe, leaned over him, and pushed it into him, all of it and more. He pushed that fire he felt inside him, pushed it into his mind, into his soul, burning parts of him away, and as he did, he watched him…change. Mr. Fields began to grow, his belly and muscles swelling larger, his bones cracking and expanding, white hair growing in thick all over his body. His cock, once small, was growing as well, and when they pulled apart, his once blue eyes had turned a steely, grey, the same grey as the smoke curling from his slack jaw.

“What’s your name?” Eric snarled at him, driving his cock into him.

“I…I have no name, master, not anymore,” his thrall said, groaning as Eric’s cockslid deeper than it had before, like it had grown longer in his ass while they fucked.

“No, you don’t. You aren’t anyone anymore, are you. You’re mine–that’s all that matters. You could never be anyone ever again. Without my smoke, you would die now. Now, you need me. You’ll never be able to leave my side, unless I allow it.”

“I would never leave you Master, never. I love you, I love you, please, harder Master, harder…”

Eric gripped his flesh, feeling his nails dig into his hairy skin, his toy growling in pain and surprise, but not resisting. He was nothing more than a vessel, a thing for his Master to use, and to own. His humanity had burnt away now–all that remained was desire and eager obedience, willing to do anything for his master, even if it cost him his life. He felt…terrible, terrible that he’d allowed that other man to escape so easily. He should have tried harder, should have chased after him, and dragged him back down here for his Master to enjoy. Eric came with another roar, even louder than the previous ones, and he watched his Master’s form warp further, muscles bulging and bones cracking, skin turning red and cracking apart all over his body, eyes yellow with rage and greed, the pipe smaller, somehow–or perhaps it was just that Master’s mouth was so large, and so full of teeth.

He withdrew his cock from his thrall’s hole, feeling somewhat better, and more secure in his position. Still, the thrall felt terrible. “I failed you Master, I let him escape. It’s my fault. Please, let me go after him! I’ll drag him back to you by force if I have too, he will understand what a gift it is to serve you in time, if you–”

“No! No, I forbid it. I can’t lose you, I can’t,” Eric said, shaking slightly at the thought.

“Please–please let me do this for you. I’m…stronger now. You can make me even stronger if you so desired. He deserves to be punished–let me serve you, Master, please. Rest here. Gather your strength, and I’ll find him. I’ll show him your power–feed…feed me your smoke, and I…I can do the rest, please, let me do this for you.”

He groveled down at Eric’s feet, amazed at how…large they had become, at the sharp black claws that had replaced his nails, at the slight web between the toes. His master was becoming more marvelous by the day, and with more men to serve him, he would become even more powerful. He could do this–he knew he could…and he sensed that Eric was softening to the idea.

“Yes…I think you’re right, but any sign of danger, and you return to me immediately–and if you aren’t back by dawn tomorrow, know that you will suffer a death that you cannot even begin to imagine, if you betray me.”

“Never Master. I am yours. Your tool, and your pleasure, and your hoard.”

Eric could feel it. Feel his slave’s regret and his own failure, and the burning desire to serve his Master in whatever way possible. In truth, he was terrified. If his thrall didn’t return, what would happen to him then? He…needed him, even more than his thrall needed his master and his smoke–but as risky as it was, it was his only option. With Raury and Sam on the loose, he was vulnerable. He was strong now, but not strong enough–if anyone found out about him…they would kill him, or worse, lock him away in some dungeon to study until he withered away and died. He bent down and kissed him again, pouring more smoke into him, infusing him with enough to keep his strong and healthy until he returned. “You are most important. You are my gem. Return, even if you fail–I couldn’t bear to lose you.”

“Yes Master, I could never live without you.”

“I know. You will have a new name now–you will be my Hunter.”

With that, Hunter took the stairs two at a time, unable to remember the last time he’d felt so strong, body thrumming with vitality. Finding clothes was more difficult–nothing seemed to fit his massive frame, but he managed to squeeze into an old pair of sweats and a sweatshirt, and then he was outside. He missed the smoke, deeply, but he had enough inside him to last–and if he hurried, more than enough to share with the one who had gotten away. He sniffed the air, picked up a trace of smoke leading away from the house and down the sidewalk, and hurried after it. He was Hunter now–and he would never fail his Master again.

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