The Fetish Gun is Loose! (Part 1) [Interactive]

He considered it to be his greatest creation, at least so far. He called it the fetish gun–whoever held it could warp the people around him in whatever was his sickest fantasies could imagine. However, its creator (who prefers to remain anonymous) hasn’t had much opportunity to test it. He himself is a rather nondescript fellow, at least of the outside, but despite his technological genius, he has any number of interests. He knows well enough, however, from previous tests with the device. On one memorable occasion, he recalled fetching the thing from one of the filthier bathhouses in the city, one that he was certain hadn’t existed the day before, and he saw one of the stranger sights of his life, a short, overmuscled pig with two obese men clinging to his tits, milk puddling around them on the floor…he’d jacked off more than a few times, remembering that. He was an exhibitionist, yes, but he had no interest in losing himself to his invention–or at least, not yet. There was still work to be done on it, kinks to work out, new settings to test.

He’d flown into this city in the afternoon–he always selected a new destination for each test, and had looked up the local gay bars around town. He didn’t want one with too specific a flavor–those tests tended to be rather…uninteresting, or at least, not as unpredictable as he usually prefered. He’d settled on a moderately sized bar called The Boneyard. It had a fairly well established reputation as a good place to hang out. Not too sleazy, not too focused on dancing–it attracted a broad swath of people, just the kind of test subjects he prefered. Men who thought they were normal, but who wouldn’t be for much longer. He stepped inside, bought himself a drink from the twinkish bartender, and took a seat where he could get a good feel for the place, the gun in his lap.

The gun had five settings, labeled A through E. He always wrapped an explainer sheet around the grip, so at least the first person who picked it up would know what to do with it. This time, he’d programmed the gun as follows.

Setting A – This one would change the target’s fetishes to match whatever the shooter was thinking about when he held the trigger. The longer the shooter holds the trigger, the more extreme the fetishes become.

Setting B – This setting will make the target’s fetishes contagious. Any man in close proximity to the person would find themselves becoming more and more turned on by the target’s fetishes, though the changes are only mental–it won’t affect their bodies or reality.

Setting C – This setting must target an object first. Then, it can be used to target a person. Anyone shot after the gun shoots an object acquires the qualities (and associated fetishes) of that object. So, if someone shoots, say, a urinal, and then shoots someone, that person will become more and more urinal-like. The longer the trigger is suppressed, the less human they become. This will expire naturally over time, though when they change back, they will often find themselves longing to be used like that object, or turned into that object, again.

Setting D – This setting targets at least two people, and can target up to five. If the shooter only has one person in mind, the gun will use the shooter as the second person. This setting causes both people to change into a couple. If they have different fetishes, they adopt each others and warp accordingly. The first person struck is always the most dominant–each successive person struck is more submissive than the last. The shooter has to shoot themselves first if they want to be the dom.

Setting E – This setting causes the target to absorb the fetishes of those around him. This will also make the fetishes of those around him less extreme, though the individual targeted will often become…rather prolific in their tastes, rather quickly.

As he sat there, the creator turned the gun to setting A, and started shooting little blasts into the crowd around him–nothing extreme, just enough to give a few men around him some…rather more interesting compulsions than they may have had when they walked into the bar that evening. When the crowd was decently sized, and he felt he had a good chance of some good test results, he abandoned the gun as his table, instructions included, got up and left. In 24 hours, he would deactivate the gun remotely, turn on the tracking device, and fetch it from whoever ended up with it in the end–whenever he did these tests, the first person to get the gun was almost never the person who ended up with it at the end.

It wasn’t long before another patron noticed the left behind object, and wandered over to inspect it. As the man would have wanted, it was one of the men he’d given…a suggestion to earlier, but who was it who got hold of the gun first tonight?

Alright, so who gets a hold of the fetish gun?

  1. A young muscular man, who now has fetishes for body modifications, silicone injections, exhibitionism and giants?
  2. A middle aged chub, who now has fetishes for rubber, bondage, and gimps, and fisting?
  3. An older bear, who now has fetishes for watersports, diapers, chastity and public humiliation?
  4. A younger twink, who now has fetishes for boots, smoking, pain play and uniforms?

The twitter poll is here!

The patron only poll is here!

Voting ends on Tuesday!

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