House of Marvels – Episode 1 (Part 4)

Eric too, found himself struggling to adapt to whatever had happened to him that night, when he’d placed the pipe between his lips for the first time. From that moment on, the only time the pipe even left his lips for longer than a few seconds was whenever he was asleep, but otherwise he was smoking it. It didn’t require much–in fact, just the smoke coming from the bowl was enough to stave off the craving, but it tasted so wonderful, and it felt so good, heating his lungs, that he preferred to get as much as he could. There was the occasional moment of rebellion when he’d try and resist it, but he couldn’t go more than a few minutes without it, and he’d find himself helplessly drawing as much smoke as he could into himself afterwards, in an attempt to catch up. In fact, despite all of his newfound power, he felt…weaker in other ways. Mr. Fields was a weakness–he absolutely hated it whenever he left, not only because he wanted him by his side, in the same way he wanted the smoke. No, what he felt when he watched the old man walk up those stairs was fear. Fear that he would lose him–not in the sense of losing someone in a relationship, but like he was going to lose his property. Mr. Fields belonged to him, and he spent quite a bit of time drilling that into the old man’s head, making sure his new daddy, his first daddy, wasn’t just dependent on his smoke, but that he wanted, more than anything, to be his servant.

It proved to be relatively easy, in fact. After all, Mr. Fields was a god-fearing fellow. All he needed to be convinced of was that his god, the god he should have been worshiping all of this time, was here, and very real, and right in front of him. Once he’d accepted that, deeply in his soul, all of his doubt and resistance disappeared immediately–and Eric was surprised by how aroused he became seeing this old daddy utterly enraptured by him, whenever they were together. He seemed more lustful than Eric in fact, begging his god to use him, and fuck him, staring at him with as much awe as Eric stared back at him in lust and covetous delight. In fact, he was so caught up in the pleasure of his first thrall, that it was a few days before he noticed that Mr. Fields wasn’t the only one suffering some unexpected changes.

It started with an itch on his neck. Small enough that he didn’t mind it particularly much for a while, but it only grew more insistent, and he found himself unable to resist scratching at it. It began to spread into a larger patch, and then other patches appeared on his chest, arms, and thighs. They didn’t seem bad at first, just like patches of dryness, but the more he scratched them, the more red and inflamed they became, and the skin seemed to be cracking apart, and even bleeding on occasion, though never badly or for very long. He dreaded the idea of leaving the basement, and so he ordered Mr. Fields to bring the house’s largest mirror down into the basement, so he would have a way to look at himself, and it was then that he saw the skin was only one of the changes happening to him.

His hair was falling out, for one thing. It wasn’t an orderly kind of baldness either, like he was growing older. It was falling out in clumps, and not only from his head–his beard was thinner, and the hair on his body was also falling out, especially in the areas where the rash had struck. He was terrified, certain it had to be some kind of disease, but he felt great otherwise. In fact, he felt better than he had in ages, and despite the fact that he never did much of anything down in the basement, beyond smoke his pipe, he was growing.

It was difficult to be certain, but his musculature seemed odd, especially around his back, which was growing faster than everything else. He measured himself on the wall, and in two days, he added an inch of height. Not much, by any means, but it gave him a sense of satisfaction he couldn’t quite describe. He ate more than he ever had in his life, the meat Mr. Fields was bringing him became rarer and rarer at his insistence. It just…tasted wrong when it was cooked somehow, but his human sensibility insisted on at least a seared outside. It was difficult to eat it so raw for a few days, especially when the first of his teeth began to fall out, though new, sharp fangs grew in their place, which made the meat much easier to chew.

After a few days of this new life, Eric found himself growing…bored. The dream he’d had that night kept returning, every time he dozed off, and he was surrounded by smoky daddies that he couldn’t touch, but which he desired with a force he couldn’t explain or rationalize. It was instinctual, to collect and own them. To hoard them down here with him, to keep him happy and entertained. He found himself growing tired of Mr. Fields–the man who had so enraptured him for a few days now seemed boring and uninteresting. He wanted someone new, he wanted more…but he didn’t know how to get it.

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