Remembrances – Episode 2 (Part 8)

“He’s…fuck, ya can’t do this to ‘em, ya can’t do this tah us, it ain’t right!”

“Right?” Mr. Elroy said, “Right doesn’t have anything to do with it. This is about what I want, Harry.” He gave his belly a pat, and belched, “Gotta say, he was tasty though. I think he still has a little potential in there for some leftovers later, but we drained him pretty well.”

“I didn’t…This is yer doin’, I ain’t doin’ anything!”

Mr. Elroy laughed. “I could only do it because you let me in, Harry. But that’s water under the bridge at this point–I gotta say, that meal made me hornier than hell though.”

Harry expected Mr. Elroy to use him like he had earlier, but instead, he walked back over to Pete, tapped his shoulder, and his son woke up, looked at him, blinked a few times, and then said in quiet disbelief, “U-Uncle Wilbur? I thought…you’s were dead!”

“Not yet boy,” Mr. Elroy said, gave Pete a hand and pulled him up into a hug, “How about a wrassle, boy? Could use a little fun with my favorite nephew.”

Harry tried to speak, tried to stop it, but it felt like he was frozen and forgotten. He couldn’t move–all he could do was watch as Mr. Elroy helped Pete out of his grungy clothes, took off his own, and then the two of them started grappling. It wasn’t long before they hit the floor, rolling around, both of them hooting and hollering, but Pete wasn’t in the same shape he’d been in when he was a rough twenty-something, playing around with his uncle, naked in the bedroom, not quite sure why his cock kept getting hard, until Wilbur showed him what to do with his cock and a man’s hole. Mr. Elroy was toying with him–Harry could see it, and he kept flashing him looks from the floor as he maneuvered his son into a pin, making Pete cry for mercy.

“You give up, boy? You know what that means, don’t ya?”

“Yeah Unc, yeah, just let go my arm!”

Mr. Elroy did, and then spread Pete’s ass cheeks and wormed one finger in, and then two, watching Pete squirm. “You forget the magic words? Seems like ya ain’t lost in a while, boy,”

“N-No sir, I ain’t a loser, ya know that.”

“Heh, you are today, and every other day too, if you don’t get your shit together and fight like a man ought to. Now say it. I wanna hear ya say it. Don’t forget–the words were your idea, boy.”

“I…I’m a loser.”

“The whole thing boy! Say it! Say, ‘I’m a stupid, fat, filthy, faggot loser.’” Mr. Elroy pulled harder on his leg, making Pete moan and smack the floor with a free hand.

“Stop it!” Harry had found his voice again, but Pete didn’t seem to hear him. Mr. Elroy, on the other hand, looked up at him with a grin.

“I thought you liked to watch, Harry,” he said, “Go on, pull that worthless cock of yours out. I want to watch you try and jack off, I wanna see if you can get it hard at all.” Mr. Elroy leaned closer to Pete’s ear, “And I can’t hear you boy, fuckin’ say it.”

“I…I’m a stupid, fat, filthy faggot loser…” Pete moaned, as Mr. Elroy pushed a third finger into his ass.

Harry pulled his cock free of his jeans, and felt how small it was, how dull it felt in his hand. He was horny–so damn horny watching this, and yet his cock felt nothing at all. “Please, please stop this, he didn’t deserve this…”

“If you really want me to stop, Harry, I’ll stop,” Mr. Elroy said, “But I don’t think that’s what you really want. You’re just jealous–you were always jealous of me. But he would have, you know. If you’d just offered, but you were too much of a coward. All those years, wrestling with your boy, and never once had the guts to get what you really wanted from him. All you did was watch. Well that’s ok, Harry–you can watch plenty. I’ll have your son over here every day, and I’ll fuck his fat hole in front of you, and you can just watch to your heart’s content. Now, how does that worthless cock of yours feel? Getting any satisfaction, watching your best friend get ready to pound your worthless son’s fat ass? Sure you can’t even get it to half mast, for us?”

Harry stroked a bit harder, but it was clear his cock wasn’t responding to anything at all.

“If that doesn’t work, you can always play with yourself somewhere else, that you’ll enjoy more.”

Harry didn’t quite know what Mr. Elroy meant, but his hands and body were already tracing familiar patterns, shucking the suspenders from his shoulders, leaning forward and tugging his jeans and underwear down past his ass, the fingers of his hands feeling around for his hole and sliding inside, and now, Harry moaned. Moaned while he watched Mr. Elroy finger his son right in front of him–saw Wilbur fingering his boy in his old room, saw himself watching, wishing, jealous and turned on all at the same time. Wilbur finally slid his cock into Pete’s ass, and he moaned in humiliation, but allowed his uncle to have his way with him, Harry worming more of his hand inside his ass, pressing against his inflamed prostate, feeling more pleasure and delight there than he had from his cock in ages. “Fuck Wilbur, fuck–fuck me next,” Harry muttered, “Fuck me just like that.”

Wilbur turned towards him, mouth turned up in a sneer. “You? Why would I want to fuck you, when I can fuck your boy, Harry? Why the fuck would I waste my cock on a broken old man, when I have this fat loser hungry for my cock day and night? Right faggot? Are you hungry for your uncle’s big cock?”

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