City of Bears: The Skin Between (Part 7)

It was a few days later, and Darren pounded on the door again, refusing to give up quite yet. He could hear Trey in there–or at least, he could hear someone in there, listening to porn, and given the general track of Trey’s change that he seemed to be progressing down, it was likely that his Change had progressed again–which had Darren worried. When people changed–it wasn’t just them that shifted, after all. Everything, and everyone, around them could be affected as well, especially their things. He pounded again, and he heard a voice inside give a curse and a grunt, and the door opened a crack. It was Trey’s face, mostly, that Darren could see through the crack, though it was looking quite a bit rounder, the eye bloodshot, the teeth crooked and yellow, and there was a cigarette in his fingers. “Fuck off, I’m fuckin’ busy in here,” Trey said, but Darren pushed on the door and stopped in from shutting.

“Trey, I…dude, you’re letting yourself go man, I thought you didn’t want this?”

Trey scowled at him, “Like you fucking give two fucks about me, ya just want a Ruff, or some trucker, or some cub, you don’t give two shits about me.”

“Look, you’re right. I’m sorry, I know it was shitty, but I can see you aren’t happy like this. I’m just trying to help.”

Trey took a drag off his cigarette, and then stepped back from the door, letting Darren push his way inside. The place was filthy, but even he had to breathe a small sigh when he saw that the RuffHat was still on the table, where Trey had set it down the last time it was there. “You haven’t been going to work?”

Trey whirled on him, “I fucking knew it! You and that fucking hat! You know what, if you want it so badly, fucking take it. At least then I won’t have you interrupting a hot session again.”

“That’s not what–”

Trey grabbed the hat and shoved it into his arms, “I’m fucking done, I’m done with you, and Willis, and every bear is this fucking city. I’m done. None of you give two fucks about anyone other than yourselves and your fantasies, and your superficial fucks. At least this makes me feel good, you know? At least I know I’m a fucking disappointment.” Trey went and sat back down at his computer, dug around in the filthy underwear he had on and started groping himself hard again. “Now leave me the fuck alone.”

“Trey, fucking look at yourself! When’s the last time you even stepped outside? Look, forget the hat, let’s just go out, let’s go be someone! You don’t really want to be this, do you? I can’t believe you really want…this…”

“And what if I do want this?” Trey said, “I feel good here. I’m happy. I don’t have to do…worry about people, and disappointing them, or them disappointing me. Pictures are easy, and sexy, and that’s what I want to do. I do want this, alright? I’m…tired of trying to figure the rest of it out. Now get out, and don’t fucking come back here again.”

Darren looked at the hat in his hands, and the bag he’d brought along, full of the things he’d spent the last day collecting, since he’d had the idea. He could leave. He didn’t need Trey, now that he had the hat, he supposed, and it wasn’t like Trey–or whoever Trey was Changing into–wanted him to be here. Darren barely knew him, anyway, they’d just had a couple of flings, and not even as themselves…but he couldn’t help but feel something for the guy, all the same. It was pitiful, is what it was, seeing a guy in a city where you could be anyone, and have anyone, just give up like this. Still, if he knew what Darren had in mind, there was no way he’d oblige him his suggestion. So…why not just do it?

In one motion, he dropped the RuffHat on Trey’s head and then held it down. Trey cursed him out for a moment and tried to force the hat back off, but his resistance only lasted a couple of moments, until the comfortable numbness of the Ruff’s mind settled in over him. He stood up, swaying a bit, his shoulders broadening, hair filling in, and the musk bloomed, making Darren sigh with delight. Even if this didn’t work, at least he got to smell it one more time. The Ruff looked similar to how he had before, but with a few shifts, given Trey’s change–a bit fuller in the gut, a bit grubbier, with grease and dirt on his hands.

The Ruff scratched his head under the hat, and looked down at Darren. “Oh, you again? You…didn’t have any work for me last time, did you? You just did that thing where you pulled my pants down.” He scrunched up his eyes a moment, and then shook his head, “The guy–in my head, he’s real mad at you, I should let him back out–” he went to take off the hat, but Darren grabbed him by the wrist and pulled his hand back down.

“Wait! Wait, I do have work for you today, actually. It’s…well, it’s probably not like any work you’ve done before, but I bet a big guy like you would be great at it.”

“Oh! Uh…it ain’t…hard, right? I’m not too good with thinking and stuff, but I like carrying things! Can I carry some stuff?”

“’s not really a carrying job, no…”

“Oh…” The Ruff looked rather dejected, “I haven’t gotten to carry anything in a while, so you can’t blame a guy for hoping, ya know?”

Darren just stared at him a moment, “Are you…serious?”

The Ruff just stared back. “Why wouldn’t I be serious about work?”

Darren didn’t quite know how to respond to that, so he just moved on. “Alright, so, this job needs a special uniform, so go ahead and get out of…that,” Darren said, pointing at the grungy undershirt and underwear of Trey’s that he was wearing. The Ruff did as he was told, and Darren dropped the bag he had with him on the table, and started pulling out the things he’d brought along. “First things first, you need a very special tool for the job,” he pulled out a thick, rubber dildo–or strap on really, and took it to the Ruff. “Here, step into this like it’s pants.”

Why don’t I just hold it in my hands?”

“Uh…you’ll be doing other things with those! If we put this on here,” he said, pulling the dildo up to the Ruff’s hairy groin.

“It’s a tool? What does it do?”

“It’s…a bit like a hammer, and a drill.”

I like hammers,” The Ruff said, and he swung his hips, the rubber dong whipping around and smacking Darren in the cheek, the Ruff gasping. “I…I felt it?”

Darren had worried it might not work right with a Ruff, so that was one problem he didn’t have to worry about. He had a feeling everything was going to be a bit easier now. “Yeah, that just means it turned on.” He reached out and stroked the rubber cock, and the Ruff groaned, and then stepped away from him, his cheeks flushed red.

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