I’ll Change for You (Part 2)

Burt wasn’t sure what to say, “I mean…I don’t know what I could do…but yeah, I guess…”

The old man gazed at him as he stammered, and then, before Burt had really given an answer, he let go and rushed off. “Good! Then I have just the thing!” he cried and rounded a corner, abandoning Burt in the aisle. He spun around for a moment, trying to get his bearings, but he didn’t know where the entrance was, or how he might possibly try and untangle himself from the maze the man had dragged him into. Again, he was struck by the impossibility–the shop couldn’t have been wider than an alleyway, and yet he couldn’t see the walls, even through the shelves. The stuff around him was unorganized, seemed rather cheap, and yet he was afraid to touch any of it. He was about to move, when the old man returned, holding something in his hand, which turned out to be a small stone charm, hanging from a leather cord. “This! This is what you need.”

He pushed it into Burt’s hand, and before he could ask what the man meant, he was dragging him off again, this time back to the entrance and onto the sidewalk. “Wait, how much is it? I can’t afford much…”

“No no, all is free,” the old man said, “You get what you need here–what you need is this. Wear it, and the love between you–it will be worth it. Such a love, so selfless–do not waste it!”

Before Burt could ask anything else, the man had slipped back into the shop, and when he tried to step back inside, he found himself not among the curiosities, but rather in an abandoned building, shelves bare and cobweb ridden. “Had it been his imagination? But the necklace was still clenched in his fist. He looked closer at it–it was simple, a metal knot with a bright red stone set in the middle of it. He didn’t know if it was just because he’d had it in his hand, but it felt…warm, somehow. Should he put it on? He wasn’t really one to wear jewelry, usually…but he also didn’t want to just abandon it. In the end, he slipped it into his pocket, and headed back to campus, relieved that the encounter was feeling more and more like a dream with each passing minute. It wasn’t until he got back to his room that he pulled it back out, still somewhat surprised it was there, since it was becoming more and more difficult to recall the details of his encounter with the shop owner, and studied it a bit more intently.

What was he supposed to do with it, anyway? Wear it, and then what, Herman would just…fall in love with him like magic? It was a ridiculous thought, but what other hope did he have, really? Just to see what it looked like on him, he put the necklace on, and as soon as he did, he felt a strange flush of emotion weave through him–centering on his cock. Looking down he could see it tenting out the front of his jeans, and all he could think about was Herman–but the scene that kept playing over and over in his mind, right then, was his outright rejection of him in his office. It had felt horrible–but why in the world was thinking about it making him horny? But the more he thought about it, things about the rejection seemed to…shift, slightly.

The kiss, he’d thought, had been awkward, and forced, and short–but now he was beginning to remember it lingering slightly. Had Herman pulled away, slightly disgusted and shocked, or had he been a bit out of breath? The moment kept repeating in his mind, and without even noticing, Burt had his hand down the front of his pants, gently massaging his cock as he thought more and more about it. How Herman had been sneaking glances at him, how he could tell his professor had been at least somewhat interested in him–even if it wasn’t nearly as much as Burt would have liked. How that kiss had lasted a moment, Herman’s hand sliding over and rubbing Burt’s gut…

Burt pushed back on that thought–he didn’t have a gut, after all. He was tall, around six foot three, and even a bit underweight…but in what he was seeing, that wasn’t…the body he had, and the more he thought about it, the more he remembered it, the less wrong it seemed–having a gut, a bit of fur, his beard brushing against the professor’s own. His cock was throbbing now, so much that it was beginning to ache. He was lost in the fantasy before long. No longer questioning it–and he came with a few grunts, spurting a sizable load into the front of his underwear, and the emotions began to relent until they were just a simmer–and before anything else strange could happen, he pulled off the necklace and tossed it onto his desk, next to the pile of papers he’d promised Professor Boel he’d have graded by Monday–

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