Acceleration (Part 8)

“Russell, what…why the fuck do you smell so…fuck…” Finn moaned, and he started grinding against his friend’s massive body, sniffing deeper, licking at his sweat. “Please…we can’t…we can’t do this…”

“No–no, I’m taking orders from you. I don’t take orders from anyone, anymore. You do what I say now, and what I want, is for you to clean out my nasty pits. You want to do that too, don’t you boy?” Russell growled.

Finn tried to resist, but after a moment he gave in and licked faster, enjoying himself more, Russell telling his friend what a good boy he was, obeying his daddy like this. Finn hadn’t really managed to take in much of his friend’s new body, when he’d first entered the house–it had just been such a shock, seeing the nine foot tall brute waiting for him. Now though, he was starting to appreciate it all. How hairy he was, how amazing he smelled…and his cock. Russell wasn’t gay–or at least, he’d had sex with enough girls at school to assume he was straight, but this was something else. He didn’t want Russell because he was a man–or at least, that wasn’t the only reason. No–he wanted him because he was…superior. Better than him in every way. Worthy of his worship. Russell pulled his friend’s face free of his pit, and saw the look of pure contentment on his face. “T-Thank you, sir…” Finn muttered.

“You’re welcome boy–but I don’t think you’re done serving me, do you?”

Finn shook his head.

“Yeah, but you were a bad boy, doing something that I didn’t like. You aren’t going to try that again, are you? Or else I’m going to have to punish you.”

“Sorry sir, I won’t sir.”

“That’s very good to hear,” Russell said. “Now, my parents won’t be home for a while still, so why don’t you tell me everything you know about this watch? I think we’ll probably be able to figure out a solution that will make me happy, don’t you?”

Finn was much more agreeable after that, and so, he told Russell the story of the watch–which wasn’t really a watch at all. No–it was something much, much more powerful than that. It could change the physical characteristics of whoever was wearing it, in whatever way they desired. However, the family had to be careful to make sure people didn’t notice anything to extreme.

“So wait,” Russell asked, “What were you planning to do when you came back?”

“The watch…can warp reality in a limited sense. It can make changes seem normal to people–but we don’t know how it works. I don’t…think it could work for a change like this, its too big.”

“Well, have you ever tried?”

Finn shook his head. “But it’s…intense sir. The one or two times I’ve had to do it–and for small changes–I wouldn’t recommend it.”

“What’s the worst that could happen, really?”

Finn didn’t say anything for a moment, “I…I honestly don’t know what it would do to you, if it didn’t work. It could kill you. It could probably do something worse than that, too.”

Russell looked down at himself, at his massive frame, his thick cock which Finn was hugging with his arms, nursing the head and drinking his precum as he spoke. What could be worse than dying, really? As far as he was concerned, having to go back to who he’d been, the runt–that was the worst possibility of all. He’d do anything to avoid that. Could he…live with being smaller? No–no, this was all or nothing, but before anything happened, he…needed to know what it felt like, being inside someone. He stroked Finn’s head, “Do you want me to fuck you, boy?”

Finn nodded, but looked at the mostrous tool, “It’s…it’s so big, though.”

“I bet that watch of yours could help, don’t you?”

Finn’s eyes lit up, and Russell allowed him to put it on, fiddling with the settings, and he pushed the button in. Finn didn’t get larger, exactly, but his hips widened, his ass filling out with a thick layer of fat–and he assured Russell would have no problem getting inside him now, because Finn could take anything. Sure enough, ten minutes later, Russell was on the couch, Finn in his lap, moaning and grunting, the massive cock slammed deep in his guts. “Oh…Oh fuck it feels so good sir, fuck!” he said, grinding down further, his own cock leaking like a faucet.

“Of course it does boy–that’s where it belongs, right?”

Finn nodded, delirious, and Russell grabbed him under his arms and started lifting him up and down like it was no challenge at all. Finn just went limp with pleasure, eventually spurting a massive load of cum all over Russell’s chest, gut, and face. Russell picked up the pace, feeling himself getting closer until he dropped Finn all the way down to the root and shot, watching his gut actually expand slightly from the size of the load. Finn rubbed it, feeling his friend’s seed deep inside him, and then bent forward and licked up his own cum as well, enjoying the taste of it mixed with his master’s musk and sweat. Still–it was time.

Finn opened the admin privileges, and Russell put the watch back on his wrist. Finn calibrated it, and then started pulling himself fress of his master’s cock–but Russell pushed him back down onto it.

“But sir, if we’re still touching…I don’t know what the watch might do.”

“If this is the end, the last thing I want to feel is my huge cock in your guts boy–you feel the same, don’t you?”

Finn nodded, reluctantly, and soon enough, the watch was ready. It took…quite a while for it to calibrate, and Russell kept checking the clock, nervous about his parents imminent arrival. Finally, the button popped out, and after a final kiss, Russell pushed down the button, and everything around them came apart at the seams. It lasted a moment, according to the clock, but for the two of them, it was an eternity together, Russell’s massive cock buried deep inside him, and while they couldn’t remember much about it, it didn’t hurt, and when they came to, back on the couch, both of them erupted all over again, simultaneously, Finn’s already taut gut bloating out even further.

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