I had just moved into a new apartment and I was struggling to move all of my things in. Luckily for me, my new neighbor offered to give me a hand. He was an older gentleman, maybe in his early forties, but he was surprisingly strong and made the work go by much more quickly. He introduced himself to me as Greg, and I invited him in for a beer after we got all the boxes out of my truck. We were both sweating a lot, so he jovially suggested taking off our shirts to let the ceiling fan do its job. I laughed and agreed, and soon we were drinking shirtless. He had a pretty good body for an older guy, a decent amount of muscle with plenty of dark colored chest hair. We chatted for awhile, and he told me to come by if I ever wanted some company. I thank him for all his assistance and then set about the task of readying my apartment to at least be able to sleep in that night.
I usually saw Greg a couple of times a week in the next two months. He was always hanging around whenever I needed help, whether it was bringing in groceries or moving in a new sofa. I really appreciate it having a friend that I could count on. He loved relaxing with me, usually shirtless, and drinking beer on my porch. I’m not sure why, but for some reason I was doing terribly with the ladies ever since moving in. It seemed that no matter what I tried, I could never get spared more than a passing glance. I was used to getting laid almost every weekend in college, so this was a big change for me. I remember complaining to Greg about it one night, and he nodded understandingly. He apparently didn’t get a lot of action either, since women didn’t want an older guy who wasn’t well off financially, so we toasted to our poor results and mutual bad luck.
The next time Greg came over, he seemed like he was excited. We had just finished moving a dresser up the stairs and into my room, and now we were relaxing shirtless with a few beers. After our third one, Greg said he had an idea, something to solve our issues with our lack of sex. I was keen on what insight he could provide, so I finished my beer and sat attentively. He then told me it wasn’t too uncommon for two blue-balled dudes to help each other out, that a blowjob between buds wasn’t weird, and we would both feel better after getting off with something other than out hands. I didn’t know what to say. I didn’t consider myself gay, but I was honestly considering swapping head with my older neighbor, as I was tired of beating off every night alone.
I felt anxious about being unwilling to go down on him after he got me off, so I hesitantly said we should finish another beer first. He got us a fifth, and pulled off his pants while recommending I do the same. We then sat together, in just our underwear, quickly drinking beer to get ready for the next step. I belched, then cautiously moved next to him on the couch. He casually slid off his pants, revealing a semi hard cock with a big foreskin covering the leaking head. Greg grabbed his dick and gave it a few strokes, and I watched in awe as it hardened to a thick eight inch pole, dripping precum down the shaft. I nervously grabbed it and began to stroke him, not wanting to dive into it with my mouth. He closed his eyes and told me how that felt good, that I should go slow so I wouldn’t feel too uncomfortable.
I continued to stroke Greg’s dick while my own was clubbing up in my boxers. It felt surprisingly erotic to be giving another man a handjob, and I felt pretty sexy knowing my hand was causing my neighbor to emit small sighs of contentment. I knew I considered myself straight, but if he was willing to do this to me too, then maybe it was worth a try. I bet over the couch to try to suck him, but he opened his eyes. He told me to get down on the floor and suck him there, that that would be the most comfortable for both of us. I agreed, then slid off the couch as he spread his legs, his hard cock still dripping a copious amount of precum down onto his large hairy sack.
I used my arms to grab his legs, then I slowly lowered my mouth onto his big leaking cockhead. I was expecting it to taste salty and gross, but instead his precum tasted good. Yes, it was slightly salty, but it was the taste of masculinity. Also surprising was how good it felt to slide my tongue around his foreskin. I began slowly licking up what he had leaked so far, finding myself enjoying it more and more. I realized that if I could suck him more pleasurable than I had jerked him that I would be rewarded with much more precum. I zealously began trying to shove his dick down my throat, but gagged when his large cockhead hit the back of my throat. He put his hand on my head, rubbing my hair, and told me that deepthroating would come with time. He said I was doing a good job with what I had, and that I would have plenty of time to practice.
I slowly bobbed my head up and down his dick, using my tongue to swirl around his head, licking his frenulum, and shoving about five inches of his girthy shaft into my mouth. I used my right hand to gently fondle his sack, rubbing his big nuts to entice him to produce more precum for me to lick up. I continued this for several minutes, blissfully pleasuring Greg and slurping up all the precum he would produce. He then used his hands to hold my head in place, saying he needed to get off and that I just needed to relax. He than began facefucking me, driving his cock into my mouth at a fast pace, moaning louder and louder.
He starting saying I was such a good cocksucker for a first timer, that he would get me trained up into a perfect mouth for his dick, that I would get addicted to sucking his daddy cock. With a roar he began shooting his seed into my mouth, spurt after spurt of hot jizz that had me swallowing frantically so that I wouldn’t spill a drop. After the second swallow I moaned around his dick as I felt myself shooting my load from sucking him to completion. Greg proceeded to empty his balls into me, shooting what must have been a quarter cup of cum down my hungry throat. With a moan he slid his dick out of my mouth, but moved my face so I was resting on his balls. He saw I shot too, and laughed. He told me this was a perfect arrangement, that any time either of us was horny I could suck him off and I could shoot hands free. Plus I would get all the cum and pre I could handle. I wasn’t sure about it, but then he squeezed another drop of semen out of his mostly flaccid cock, smeared it onto his finger, then stuck it into my mouth. I moaned and chubbed up again, revealing how much I enjoyed this. It only took one time, but I was hopelessly addicted to Greg’s daddy cock.

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