June Suggested Stories Ready for Download! | Wesley Bracken on Patreon

This month’s requested stories are finished and ready for you all to download! All it takes is for you to support my Patreon at any level, from one dollar on up, and you can get access to these three stories, as well as all the suggestions I’ve done over the past several months now! It’s a pretty good deal. Plus, you’ll have the privilege of suggesting ideas of your own next month. If you’d like a summary of the stories this month, you can find that here. For an idea of what these stories are like, here’s one from last month to whet your appetite!

A Deeply Held Secret

“Good slave–now go on and take a look at yourself in the mirror. Tell me what you see. Tell me what you are.”

The bathroom had one full length mirror across from where he was positioned against the wall, which allowed him a full view of himself, his cock visibly throbbing in the rubber bodysuit Master had given him to wear for the night. Master Parker had outdone himself this time–he’d never even seen a suit like this before in his life. It was porcelain white from head to toe, with a full hood and urinal mask–larger than any model he’d seen before or ever worn–with a metal tube keeping his mouth forced open, ensuring he’d swallow every drop. His arms were pinned to his sides, and the bottom had no legs–only a space for him to kneel, making his body look like a seamless white hunk of rubber, with a head resting in top. He knew what he was, but he couldn’t speak with the tube in his mouth.

“You’re a human urinal, of course,” Master Parker bent down beside him, his black rubber suit a dark contrast to the slave’s white suit. “That’s what you’re going to be all night, isn’t that right? You’re going to forget you were ever anything else.”

The words felt like truth–but Master’s words always felt like that, after he’d sent his slave into his deep trance. He was a human urinal–nothing more. Designed to drink the piss of men better than him–he wasn’t even a man anymore, not entirely at least. He felt his cock go numb, and shuddered at the sensation, pleased to be an object again, like Master Parker wanted.

“It’s gonna be busy tonight, you know. Saturday night at the sleaziest bar in the city. You’re gonna be bursting tonight–but if you serve me well…if you serve everyone well, like a good human urinal…well, you’ve been in my service for a year now, and I think it’s time you finally learned the Secret.”

The Secret. It was something Master had taunted him with ever since they’d met. Master claimed he knew…something about him, something that gave him such power and control over the slave, a reason he was helpless and desperate to serve him. The slave didn’t know what it could possibly be, but he did know that Master Parker could…make him do, and feel, things no other dom had ever been able to. He wanted to know so badly, and so he would serve well, as he always did.

Master gave him his first load of piss, which he drank down with glee, and then he left the urinal to its work. Men began pouring in soon after the club opened, and seeing the freak kneeling against the wall, most were more than happy to use him. He drank load after load of piss, feeling his gut ballooning outward, the suit growing tighter against his skin as he filled up. On occasion, Master would bring in some rubber boy to fuck in front of the urinal, and had he been more than a human urinal at the moment, perhaps he would have even felt jealousy, but as he was, he was merely happy to watch his Master dominating and controlling others, taking his pleasure whenever and wherever he wanted. Hours passed, and soon it was four in the morning–the club was empty, and the slave was there, drenched with piss, gut full to bursting and aching for release, when his master finally returned.

“You did well, slave. Very well. I’m very pleased. I’m going to reveal your secret now–are you excited slave? You know what you are now, this moment, right slave? You’re a human urinal.”

It nodded.

“Good. Now–here’s the secret–you really are one of those two things, but you can’t really be both. Right now, you’re pretending to be one of them, right?”

He nodded.

“All your life, though, you’ve believed you were human–that the urinal part is fake. But here’s the secret: you aren’t human, slave. You can be human on occasion, but you aren’t really. You’re a urinal, slave. That’s what you really are. That’s the secret.”

The slave didn’t know what to make of that–it sounded ridiculous. It shook its head, and Master just laughed.

“When I snap my fingers, you’ll become what you really are, slave. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe you’ll be human again. Go on, prove me wrong if you can.”

He had to be wrong. He knew he was human, right? Master held his fingers together a moment, and then snapped them–and when he did, the slave felt a massive shiver run through its entire body, and it realized the truth: it had been wrong this whole time. It…it wasn’t human. It was just a urinal. The truth felt impossible–it couldn’t possibly be real.It tried to move, to struggle, but no muscle would respond–it…after all, it didn’t have muscles, right?

Master stepped to the side, allowing the urinal to see itself in the mirror across the room. The surface of its body no longer had the semi-translucence of rubber–it was porcelain. Real, solid porcelain. It’s head looked vaguely human, but it could…feel it’s mouth, it’s bowl–where it had fused to its face–to what had been its face, when it had been partly human before. To its horror, it watched a metal pipe push its way out of the front of it’s body–something which felt vaguely like its cock had felt before–and connect to the floor, and the massive load of piss it had stored it its body from the night emptied out into the pipes and sewers below.

It was true. It really was just a urinal. A urinal first…and…and human second. Only human when Master desired it. Perhaps it would never be human ever again.

“Now, the club has you leased for the next month, slave.” Master said, “After that, I might let you be a bit human again, for a while. But now that you know your secret, slave, you’re never going to be able to forget it. You’re never going to be able to pretend to be human again–and that’s what we both want, I can assure you, though you probably won’t realize it for a while yet.”

With that, he turned around and left the room, shutting out the lights and leaving the new urinal in complete darkness, still struggling to believe what had just happened. But before long, it was struggling just to think at all–after all, urinals didn’t have minds, or brains, right? By morning, it was just another soulless object, experiencing only a constant, unending thirst for piss–the only sensation it was ever certain to feel for the duration of its existence in Master’s service.

June Suggested Stories Ready for Download! | Wesley Bracken on Patreon

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