Richard sat at the poor lit bar, silently
fuming what happened earlier in the night, replaying how it lead up to
it in his head. A friend from work had approached him to set him up on a
Valentines date. Richard would have declined, but after seeing a
picture of the guy he had been quick to agree. Having dressed up in a
rather expensive suit, Richard waited at the restaurant for nearly two
hours when his date was a no show, He had gotten a text from his friend
that had him cursing loudly and storming out the restaurant. The texting
having said ‘Sorry man, Todd said he recognized you from a hook up you
two had a few years ago and said he wasn’t interested in dating a
douche.’  Which Richard couldn’t believe how stupid the guy was. Sure a
few years ago he slept around more than he does now, but he was a catch!
Late twenties, good looks to go with his hot body, not to mention being
a successful business man and having a good amount of money in his bank
account. This Todd guy should have been lucky Richard hooked up with
him all those years ago, more so when he had agreed to the blind date.
Richard found himself pulling into a bar, the place looking like a dump,
with a bunch of motorcycles and big rig truckers parked around.

he’d avoid a seedy place like this like the plague, but he needed to
get drunk and according to his GPS the closest bar other than this pig
sty was almost an hour away. Which brings him to where he’s at
currently, sitting on a bar stool, far from the other bar patrons as he
can be, waiting from the burly man working the counter to stop running
his mouth and take his order. “About time,” Richard snaps, when the
bartender finally approaches him. The bartender ignores his snappy
attitude as he asks what he wants to order. Rattling off his drink
order, the bartender politely tells him they don’t carry drinks like
that, mainly just beer, whiskey, and other hard drinks since that’s what
most their patrons drink. When he sees the man opening his mouth to no
doubt rant, he quickly adds. “But I can give ya something I think you
might like from a special home brew of mine, on the house of course.” he
says, disappearing into the back, plucking a green bottle from the
fridge he keeps locked up, handing it to Richard once he’s back out

“So bud, want to tell me what’s got you all pissy?”
the bartender asks, as soon as Richard takes a swig from the bottle.
Richard wrinkles his face, the alcohol having a strong kick to it, but
finds it’s not bad, definitely drinkable at least. Richard takes another
sip of beer before he launches into his crappy night. “Like can you
believe that shit? Dude thinks I’m a douche cause I left after we hooked
up a few years ago.” He snorts out a laugh, already fairly drunk from
just a couple sips from the beer. “Big deal right He should have been
thankful I even gave him a second glance back then, hell even now! I
mean look at me dude, I’m a total catch, any guy should be lucky if I
spare them a second glance right?” Richard rambles on. The bartender
just gives him a tight smile in acknowledgment, no doubt his special
brew is already starting to work on the guy, his clean shaven face
already darkening with days growth of stubble, his chiseled jaw starting
to become pudgier, his suit even looking as if it’s starting to expand
outwards as Richard gains a small gut.  

Richard downs the
last of his drink, his mind feeling foggy, “I should, I should.” Richard
slurs his words, clearly very drunk as he can’t finish saying. ‘I
should call a taxi.’ Instead the bartender comes around the bar, his big
hand coming to rest on Richard’s shoulder.“Should come on to the back
with me, right?” the Bartender then leads Richard into the back. The
other bar goers giving the two knowing looks, smirking and telling the
bartender, Dennis, to have fun. With each step Richard changes more, his
stubble beard he had grown, grows fuller, grey hairs starting to spread
out of the unkempt beard. Richard’s suit looks close to bursting open,
Richard’s muscular body he spent years working and maintaining fading as
it softens with body fat, his pecs sagging  and rest on top of his
large hairy gut, his gut growing so large causing the buttons to pop
open, allowing the enlarger belly to sag outwards over his waistline,
Richard grunts, shifting uncomfortable as he walks his pants feeling
painfully tight as his tight bubble but balloons into a large flabby

“Why not we get ya out these rags?” Richard hears
Dennis say, allowing the other man to strip him out of his ruined suit,
he looks down at his fatter hairier body, frowning in confusion. ‘This
isn’t how I’m suppose to look?’ he thinks before he feels Dennis’ large
hands start rubbing Richard’s new gut. “Coming out nicely bud.” Dennis
says, Richard moans forgetting about what he was thinking about prior,
focusing on how good it feels to be touched like this. Dennis’ hand
moves down, touching and grouping Richard’s smaller fat cock. Feeling
his cock touch is like a switch his flipped in Richard’s mind, instantly
going light headed, moaning as new thoughts flood his mind, memories of
being a obese trucker named Rick taking over his mind. “Fuck, Fuck man,
keep it up need ta, need ta cum bad!” Rick says, his voice deepening
and gaining a southern drawl to it.

“Turn around.” Dennis
grunts, Rick happily turning around and exposing his fat ass to Dennis,
when he feels Dennis cock penetrate his hole more memories flood Rick’s
mind. Memories of hanging out in rest area stalls, bar bathrooms, and
just about anywhere he can, waiting for men to come in and stick their
dicks in the holes in the stall, sometimes Rick even making holes if
there are none. Sucking those faceless men off greedily, pushing his fat
ass against the hole even and allowing them to fuck his ass raw,
willing to bend over or suck off any man that orders him too, as long as
he gets a mouth and ass full of cum out of it. “Yer a good pig aren’t
ya bud?” Dennis grunts, thrusting harder and deeper into Rick’s ass.
Rick grunts and nods. His body starting to becoming sweaty, giving off a
strong body odor as if Rick doesn’t shower, which he doesn’t, he
thinks, Ricks slick back hair becomes greasy and grimy, growing in a
long unkept mess.

Rick grunts and moans, his fat hand
starting to jerk his stubby cock, not long after does Dennis thrust into
Rick once more, blowing his load deep in the fat truckers ass. Rick
orgasming not long after, his load, and with it his old life’s memories,
sealing his fate, against the wall he’s leaned up against. Shortly
after Rick’s naked body is starts to be covered, filthy worn out jeans
covering his lower half, the back half dampens as a noticeable wet spot
forms from Dennis’ cum, His top half covered up by a stained white tank
top and plaid over shirt, a worn out trucker hat appearing on top of his
head. “Damn Dennis, really did a number on mah ass this time.” Rick
laughs, “Don’t think you’d complain.” Dennis says, the two heading out
of the back room.  "Well I gotta get back on the road, wanna stop at the
rest stop close before I have to drop my haul off.“ Rick says, “Fuck
Rick, just got fucked and already wanting more?” a random guy calls out.
Rick laughs, lumbering off and hefting his large body into the bed of
his filthy big rig, driving off down the road to start his new life.

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