If I may say something, I think the reason why a lot of people (including myself) would like to see you do fan fiction is because no one else does in this genre. Stories of men being turned into fat pigs are already rare, but fanfics of that are practically non-existent.


Well, yes. Part of the issue, I think, is that most of the sites which support this genre have, over time, tightened their restrictions on copyrighted characters, especially over on Choose Your Own Change, where there actually was quite a lot of fan fiction, including some of the slobbier variety. That said, that site has removed all of that content at this point, and the gay spiral stories seems to have a a tighter grip on the copyrighted stuff than the NCMC ever did. Without an environment to nurture these kinds of stories, it’s hardly surprising that they’re rare.

But I’m only one person, there’s only so much that I can write, and the only reason I’m as prolific as I am is because I focus on writing stories that I enjoy. Would I be willing to do fan fiction for a commission? Probably. Do I understand that there is a massive, untapped demand here, and do I wish I had the time, energy, and willpower to supply that demand? I sure do, but I can’t clone myself. That said, there are other very good writers on the tumblr-verse and on other sites who might have the time and energy to invest in it, so I’d suggest asking around to some other writers, and seeing if there’s any other interest in this sort of thing.

Because honestly? I’d like to read these stories too–but i don’t necessarily want to be the one to write them.

Thank you @mcbaer, for the reminder! The place to go for at least a few fan fic stories with a bear/slob vibe is @gravick‘s tumblr. He’s done some nice twists with the Avengers and also Once Upon a Time, if that interests anyone, and he might be persuaded to try out something video game inspired…

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