Cigar Dads

“What did you say it’s called?” Gil asked, looking over Frank’s shoulder at the screen of his boyfriend’s phone.

“It’s called Chronivac or something–I got an invite to be a beta tester on my phone–this thing’s amazing! It can fucking change things, Gil. Like, reality.”

Gil just raised an eyebrow at Frank. “Sounds like a scam.”

Frank just smiled…oddly. “Oh trust me, honey, this thing works perfectly well.”

Gil just shook his head. Why in the world was he even dating Frank? He paused a moment. Why…why was he dating Frank, anyway? There didn’t seem to be an answer–they were just…dating. It was just a fact. The two of them certainly looked like they went together–a couple of twinks, but hadn’t he…

“You listening, Gil? I just told you that I can change the world, and you’re just staring off into space.”

“Sorry…I was just…confused for a sec there.”

“Look, here, I’ll show you!” Frank said, “scrolling through the app, “Let’s see–packaged changes, oh here’s a laugh–Cigar Dad! Ugh, can you imagine either of us old?” He laughed, “No, we twinks are never going to have to age again. Still, for a laugh, let’s see, right?” Frank started fiddling with the phone, “Let’s see–aware on, and the rest should be good. Target myself…and maybe…two minutes?”

Frank hit a button, and Gil’s jaw dropped, as he watched his slender, short, hairless boyfriend begin to shift and change right before his eyes. He grew older, his abs dissolving into a gut. There was hair…everywhere, even as the hair on his head balded back. After two minutes, a very different Frank was standing in front of him, chuffing on a cigar. “Fuck…did I…I left the mental on, didn’t I…” Frank muttered, and took a deep, long, inhale of smoke. “Tastes fuckin’ good. Whole thing feels fuckin’ good, actually.”

“Frank, what the fuck just happened to you?”

“Made myself a cigar dad, I guess!” Frank said, his voice a bit gravelly and rough. He crossed the room to a mirror and took stock of himself. “Fuck, I look…fuckin’ sexy as fuck…” Frank started tugging at his cock, grinning at himself in the mirror.

“Frank, what the fuck is going on?” Gil asked again, “I…I’m kind of scared.”

Frank just picked up his phone, chuckling, hit a few buttons, and then looked over at Gil, who had the…strangest sense that things were off kilter somehow. He took a drag off his own cigar, eyeing his sexy husbear Frank across the room. “Fuck, could use that mouth of yours around this cock a mine,” Gil said, stroking his own hairy cock, feeling his gut shake as he did.

“Shit, forgot that part–” Frank fiddled again, and Gil realized he’d misspoke–he only ever sucked and fucked–Frank was the total top in this cigar couple, and Gil the desperate bottom pig. He got down on hands and knees and crawled over, sucking Frank’s cock, taking a moment now and then to blow smoke over the head and shaft, and Frank grinned. It wasn’t what he’d planned, but for now, he had no real complaints.

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