Pigtail (2 of 2)

The physical changes were relatively minor, in the end–the most obvious was the weight gain and your new tail, as well as a few other details–a slight upturn in your nose, a propensity for snorting with little provocation…and a raging horniness which wouldn’t abate for anything, no matter how many times you masturbated. You went back on the website, desperate to find out what had happened to you, but found nothing much, beyond the fact that, apparently, this is what asslickers were designed to do. He discovered that the more pigtails he used…the more piggish he’d become, and the rush of excitement which hit at that thought…was upsetting, to say the least.

But beyond the physical changes, it was the mental shift which caught you off guard the most. Over the next week, you found yourself changing your entire wardrobe, preferring tight rubber and spandex which would show off your chubby thighs and big gut, your tail always sticking out the back. You found yourself unable to say no to any man who wanted to fuck you…and most any man who saw your tail ended up with his cock in one, or more, of your holes.

You also had a harder time controlling your impulses, which you’d always managed to keep under firm handle. You got your cock and septum pierced after a few days–you’d always wanted to, and you no longer had the willpower to resist that simple desire to debase yourself. You grew a beard, finally…and took up cigar smoking after a rather…intense night with a cigar bear you met through one of Arctos’s hookup sites. But every night, you’d look at that three pack of Pigtails on the Arctos website, thinking about it, fantasizing about it…but always fighting back the desire, too afraid to lose even more of yourself, but that resistance is fading now, isn’t it?

Everyone loves your cam shows. Everyone wants to see you humiliate yourself. Everyone wants to see you be a pig. More than one man has simply offered to buy the three pack for you, and finally…you give in. You’re going to do a three video series next week, one Pigtail a day. You don’t know what you’ll be when you finish…but you know you’re going to finally be the pig of your dreams, and you’re going to love every second of it.

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