What would you give up in exchange for the body you’d always wanted? That’s what I tell my clients, during their first physical training session with me. “What would you give up?” Their answers are almost always the same uninteresting bullshit–junk food, watching TV, playing video games–but it’s always best to plant the seed early. That if they just give up the right thing, they could finally have the body they think will make them happy.

Now, I’m a good trainer. My clients meet their goals, and usually they don’t have to give me much, but sometimes I get a stubborn one. I happen to like the stubborn ones. They show up for training three times a week, but it’s clear they haven’t spent any time exercising on their own. They usually blame me for their lack of progress. I tease them–they lose five pounds for a week, and then gain ten. Some of them, will do anything just to lose some of that flab–and so, on occasion, I’ll offer them a deal.

Some of them think I’m kidding. Most of them think it’s a strange motivational technique. None of them really think I’m being serious, until they first time they give up their will–and I force them through the most rigorous workout of their life, and then fuck their fat, sweaty asses afterwards.

Now, none of them want to keep going after that, but what choice do they have? I make the choices for them now. What they eat, where they work, where they live, who they fuck–and most of them get fucked by me a lot. Of course, I do always follow through on my promises–I give them the bodies they said they wanted. Number 19 here–he wanted the body of a body builder–it took a while to get here from 350 pounds, but he’s not complaining. No, 19 doesn’t have a thought in it’s head anymore–I do all the thinking for it. But if it could think, it would know I followed through, it just might have given up a bit more than it expected to get it.

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