A Brief Revenge (2 of 2)

“Yes, Vance, what a tragedy. Still, it wasn’t all that surprising that he would just up and vanish–he was a disgrace to this whole town, really. I was more than happy to help people believe that it was likely his father’s doing, paying his son to take off so he wouldn’t embarrass him during his reelection campaign. Still, he lost–that’s an excellent example of killing two birds with one stone, don’t you think?”

“Are you wearing someone now? That’s not Vance, is it?”

“These? Yes, these are someone, but no, they certainly aren’t Vance. I never wore Vance, actually. I don’t really have to wear people like him, since I’d much rather wear people who want to be worn. It’s…rather taxing, having to feel all that anger and fear all day long. I’d rather wear someone like…what was his name again? I don’t really recall–he’s been in my collection for close to a decade now.”

“A decade?”

“Oh yes–a volunteer for my permanent collection. Never really felt…right as a person, he said. If his displeasure got too great, I’d probably release him anyway, but, well, I don’t think it even remembers being a person anymore. It wouldn’t know what to do with a body if I gave it back.”

“So, if you don’t wear people like Vance, then what does happen to them? You just keep them in your drawer?”

“Oh goodness no–that’s a waste of good money. I rent them.”

“You…rent them?”

“I have men all over the world paying to wear my creations. Some want to be paired with willing participants. Some people want to be worn by particular kinds of people, or in certain ways, so I often attach conditions to rental agreements, and renters have to verify they’re meeting the requirements. I attach my own requirements to underwear like Vance, of course.”

“So…where is Vance?”

“I’m good friends with a very fat slob in New England. He gets off wearing these guys non-stop for months at a time. He has amazing willpower too–which is the other reason I like him. He stretches them and beats them into shape in about nine months, but he’s keeping Vance for a year and a half. Then I’ll check in with him, and see how he’s developing.”

“Because…they change, right?”

“Of course they change. If the underwear wears out, they get older. The dirtier it gets, the dirtier they would be when they are released. But the mental link–a strong willed owner…well, let’s just say that when Vance gets let out, he’s going to be quite a bit different from his old self. If his dear old dad was embarrassed by him before, I can’t wait until he gets a look at his disgusting, cum and piss addicted pigson when he goes and knocks on his door for the first time in a few months. I’m going to videotape it–I can’t fucking wait.”

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