“You see, our company believes that a next generation workplace requires next generation HR strategies for dealing with harassment and discrimination–”

George threw the pamphlet in the trash–he didn’t give a flying fuck about this shit, but after someone had snitched on him for calling Joey a “pansy faggot,” he’d been told he’d have to attend a disciplinary session with this new HR guru or consultant or whatever they’d hired. Still, George had been through shit like this before–all he had to do was play nice at the meeting, apologize, listen to some bullshit about equality and fairness, mind his tongue for a few months, and everything would be alright.

The door opened, and a younger man stepped out of the room, “George? Welcome! Come on in, I’m glad you could join us today. I’m Dr. Vitters, and I’ll be mediating your counseling session today with Joey.”

George went in and sat down with the other two men, and everything was going how he’d expected. “How did that make you feel Joey?…George, is there anything you’d like to say to Joey today?” The usual shit, until about halfway through, when the doctor gave a long sigh, and picked a file up off his desk. “George, I appreciate you going through the motions, but I’m afraid I just don’t believe a word you’re saying today.”

That caught his attention. “What do you mean?”

“I mean, looking at your record here, I have my doubts that you’re actually earnest in your feelings about what happened. So I’d like to apply one of my specialty techniques in this case. George, please stand up, drop your pants and underwear, and bend over my desk here.”

“Excuse me? No fucking way, you fucking sicko!” George said, but his body was already obeying the doctor’s commands, and he was helpless to stop it–Joey just staring at what was happening, his jaw on the floor.

“Now Joey, please fuck George. Roughly, if you would. And George, even though you hate what’s happening, I want you to enjoy it–and when Joey cums inside you, you will cum as well.”

They fucked, the doctor observing and giving them notes, and when they’d both cum, they were allowed to sit back down. “Excellent. You’ll speak to no one about what happened in your session today, but I think we’ll need a few more of these to really break George of his habits. How about, three times a week, for the next six months? I’ll go ahead and schedule you–have a good day you two, and see you Wednesday!”

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