Cruising (1 of 2)

“I gotta say, this cruise has been fucking amazing–thank’s again for the birthday present,” Lucas said, leaning over and giving his husband a kiss. They’d gotten married five years ago, and Mark had surprised his younger husband with a two week cruise through the Caribbean on the newest, hottest gay cruise that everyone was chatting about. Clothing was always optional, there were wild parties every night, and both Lucas and Mark had nailed so much tail–and each other–that halfway through, they were feeling a bit spent. Or Lucas was at least–Mark had always been the hornier one, despite being ten years older.

“Can I get either of you gentlemen something to drink?” one of the cruise staff had come sauntering over, carrying a tray. The staff was by far one of the nicest features to look at–every waiter, every bartender, every housekeeper–they were all handsome gym bunnies wearing nothing more than a thong barely containing their huge packages, and a sailor hat on their head.

“Heh, how about a nice drink of you?” Mark said, groping the man’s package.

“Of course sir, if that’s what you’d desire,” the man said with a wink.

“How about you, Lucas?”

“No, you go have your fun–I’m tuckered after that morning orgy–I’m gonna just tan for a bit, you two enjoy yourselves.

After an hour in their room with the waiter, Mark was finally sated, and the man got up, pulling his thong back on. “Anything else I can get for you, sir?”

“Fuck–I don’t know, you have any job openings?” Mark said with a chuckle, “I mean–what a life! Cruising around all day, fucking anyone you want–sounds like a dream job, though I’m probably a bit old for your staff.”

The waiter smiled, “I think you’d make an excellent addition to the crew,” the waiter said, took off his sailor’s cap and dropped it on Mark’s head, watching the older man’s eyes glaze over, his jaw slack. “Come with me sailor, and we’ll start your hiring process.”

Mark tried to fight, but suddenly he couldn’t control his own body. Stiffly, almost robotically, he got up and followed the waiter deep down into the ship to meet his new fate.

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