Still fighting, eh boy? Look how happy your two friends are, eating out daddy’s nasty pits. Fuck, they’re changing already, losing those nice clothes of theirs–they’ll be a couple of leather slaves here soon enough. One on the left–he’s gonna be a cute little cub, cock hungry, eager to please any man I take a liking to. That’s what he gets, for being first to give in–the privileged position this weekend. I’ll probably hand him off to some abusive fucker when I get bored, but trust me, he’ll enjoy it plenty–the more abusive the better.

Your other friend here? Yeah, let’s put a mask on him–a nice little pup, following me around, desperate to please. Yeah, look at that rubber tail wagging away–who’s a good boy? That’s right, you are, Sparky. If he’s really good this week, I’ll let him be human on the weekdays, and he’ll only go into full pup on the weekends hunting the alleys for a master–but if he’s a bad boy, maybe I’ll make him full dog, and he can be a stray roaming the streets when the weekend’s over–I guess that all depends on your behavior, right boy?

Now, that just leaves you, the final holdout. I told you, whoever gave in first would get the best deal, and whoever was last–well, lucky for you, I have one more place you can stick your face, pig. Oh? Did I hear a grunt from you when I said that? Yeah, you can smell it now, can’t you, you dirty fuck? Look at those knees buckle–that’s it, crawl right around there, and get that face of yours between my cheeks, you fucking hog.

Yeah pig, look how big you’re getting–400, 500 pounds? Play with that fat, feel how much it’s sagging, but you aren’t a boy, are you? No, you’re an old pig. A old, fat, small cocked, disgusting piggy. Reeking of piss, cum in your beard, you filthy fuck. No–you aren’t going anywhere with me, what makes you think I want a pig in my company? No–you stay right here in this alley–trust me, plenty of men will find you, and you’ll be ready to eat and drink whatever they give you, won’t you? I’ll be back at the end of the weekend, and we’ll talk about your future options, if you even remember your old life anymore. Now come on boy, heel Sparky, let’s go have some fun, and leave this old pig to enjoy his new life for a while.

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