Self-confidence was hard to come by, for Asher, so sometimes you have to fake it. Or, at the very least, use some magic solution you get from a gypsy woman which promises to make you irresistible to anyone you desire. As a chubby young man, quiet and smart, and overwhelmed by being gay and interested in older bears who all seemed so…sure of themselves, he figured he could use a boost.

The first time he used it, it was more of a test. He had a cute guy in a class at school he liked, so he invited him to a study session, applied a bit of the potion, and it was less than ten minutes before his cubby classmate was tearing off Asher’s clothes off in the library (an admittedly poor choice) and sucking his cock–much to his embarrassment. Thankfully he shot quickly and no one caught him, but he wasn’t satisfied with one load–it was only after a few hours back in his room that the guy would finally leave him alone.

Now, it was time for a real test–he put on the solution, and then headed out to a bear bar that weekend. The men flocked to him, fought over him, and before too long he had an orgy going on in the back of the bar, with him at the center, men begging him for the pleasure of doing whatever he wanted them to do–and Asher wanted them to do all sorts of things. But morning came, and they wouldn’t let him up–the crowd of men had grown to about forty, and they all wanted a piece of Asher–it took all day before they were all more or less satisfied, and he fled the bar, reeking of sex and exhausted, with a few guys still running after him–thinking this potion might be a bit more than he’d bargained for.

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