Ideal Tenants (2/2)

After three months, both Josh and Greg had each packed on an impossible one hundred pounds–and neither one of them seemed the least bit bothered by their sudden gain. If anything, the two of them had become quite a bit more easy going over the last month–being more polite and accommodating to their neighbors, stopping in to chat with their landlord…each of them a bit embarrassed to find the older, bearish man somewhat…attractive, all of a sudden.

Something else they hadn’t noticed, was that they each appeared to be about a decade older than when they’d moved in–more like their mid 30’s than early 20’s. The apartment had changed as well–their gym equipment eventually disappearing into thin air, replaced by shelves full of books and a well stocked kitchen. They were still fucking quite often, but all of their sex now seemed to involve food somehow–just eating was enough to turn either one of them on. It was Josh that Mr. Emerson fucked first–showing up at the door with a dozen doughnuts he plied him with, until he got so horny he demanded Mr. Emerson fuck his wide ass. Greg succumbed not too long after that, to an entire cake, and after that, Mr. Emerson was paying them both regular visits, often at the same time.

With direct contact, the changes grew more extreme. Josh transitioned, overnight, from retail work to a rather cushy office job in finance. He was now in his mid 40’s, wearing suits everyday, and stuffing himself at his desk. Greg found a new job as a programmer, which allowed him to work from home–giving him ample time to feed, and also to service his landlord’s cock,whom he’d begun to address as master, as he ballooned past 600 pounds, while Josh hovered at a mere 375. Still, the gainers were a perfectly happy couple, and were very eager to sign a new year lease with Mr. Emerson, both of them under his desk vying for his cock, as he passed them sweets and candies for his two pigs to share.

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