The thing about scifi or fantasy stories is that they contain certain clearly defined, supernatural elements (brainwashed russian soldiers) while the rest of the world is still governed by standard logic, that’s why if you portray another country in a racist manner inside a scifi movie you can’t just say ‘lol why are you bothered by my depiction of all arabs in the movie as bloodthirsty terrorists that is an odd factual hill to die on here considering all the giant robots fighting each other’

Well sure, that’s granted. Just in case anyone other there read my story and somehow actually thought Russians didn’t have access to the internet, allow me to be perfectly clear: in the real world, it’s true both that a) there are no brainwashed Russian soldiers infiltrating America, and b) people living in Russia have a perfectly fine standard of living, including internet access. 

But since we’re going to talk about defined, expected elements of particular genres, let me point out the fact that, like it or not, the TF genre here trades in stereotypes. This isn’t to say that all TF stories *necessarily* involve stereotypes, because that would be ludicrous–but rather, a massive chunk of people aren’t interested in this genre because they fantasize about being another particular person, but rather they fantasize about characters (themselves or others) becoming one of any number of archetypes and stereotypes. That is, the stereotype *is* the fetish.

As a different example of this, obviously not all rednecks are dumb, backwoods hicks, fucking pigs and drinking moonshine. *But* a good number of people like the idea of becoming an exemplar (either by force or not) of that stereotype. Or, at least they do, judging by the notes I get on my posts. The same could be said for every ‘Twink’, ‘Bro’, ‘Nerd’, ‘Bear’, ‘Daddy’, ‘Black’, ‘Asian’, ‘Gymrat’ and ‘Slob’ story out there. All of these are stereotypes and archetypes, all of these stories which feature them slander and mock the categories they’re featuring to one extent or another. Further, it’s alright to be more bothered by some than others! But it’s a little strange to get your knickers in a twist over one stupid archetype, while ignoring the fact that the fundamentals of this genre guarantee that you can’t throw a rock around here without hitting some stupid characterization as dumb as this one, including many much more egregious ones that I’ve written myself. I could link you too them, but this post would be fifty times longer.

We can get into long discussions about whether the nature of this fetish is unethical/problematic/indicative of privilege/etc. some other time, and those are good conversations to have and consider. We can have that talk at the same time we’re considering the fact that, essentially every mind control story is functionally a rape fantasy. Personally, I think readers are smart enough to figure out that these stories are meant as utter fantasy and are politically and factually shallow–that is, I’m not trying to make any deep factual claims or assign a truth value to these stereotypes in these stories, and that generally, they only exist to get you off without much further thought or consideration regarding their factual accuracy or consistency. 

If this really bothers you, then I’d suggest not reading stories in this genre? Especially not mine? This probably isn’t your fetish, and that’s all fine–it’s a pretty small niche. But this shit isn’t supposed to be taken in any sort of serious fashion, and your desire to assign it some sort of deep political and cultural weight just seems ludicrous to me, especially regarding these captions, which are really just the equivalent of an artist’s doodle or sketch. 

So, when I said ‘Try Harder,’ what I meant was that maybe you could be exerting your energy in a slightly more productive fashion? Or, at the very least, you could try harder to understand some of the deeper context surrounding these stories, why they’re all rather fucked politically and socially, before moaning about the unfairness of cultural stereotyping? 

tl;dr, I’ll bite that bullet. It’s small, sugar coated, and I have an iron deficiency.

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