He’s deep in the pits of Pigtown, taking a break from the mass of men around him, pumping his dick to new sizes, staring at it through the plastic tube, panting a bit, wondering how big it can get, what it might feel like shoved up some faggots loose cunt. He looks to the side, and catches the eye of someone across the room, in the dark. He can’t make out much of him, but in those eyes, what is it about those eyes?

“Pigtown? You can’t be serious.”

“Oh come on, I’ve heard it’s one of the best bathhouses ever.”

“You told me you weren’t going to do this anymore.”

“I’m…look, I like to have fun. This is one of the ways I have fun. I just thought, if you came along, maybe you’d enjoy yourself! I brought some E–you had a blast last time–”

“No, I’m done with this, I’m done with you–go get lost in there, or whatever the fuck you want to do with your life, I’m fucking done.”

How long had he been down here? There were no clocks anywhere–hadn’t he arrived a few hours earlier? He looked down at himself, the filthy jockstrap, his rubber boots–hadn’t he been…wearing something else? Wearing more? It seemed…so long ago, for some reason. Lost in thought, he hadn’t noticed the man make a beeline for him across the room.

“Jack…oh fuck, Jack, I can’t believe I found you–we have to go, please…”

Those eyes, now that they were so close…he did know them, but not the body they were attached to. The head shouldn’t be shaved. The body was too…thin, like it had lost some mass and wasted away, and he’d grown older–years older. The beard was wrong, and there shouldn’t be a piercing in his nose, or those tattoos. “You came in after all–looks like…you’re having fun…” He had trouble getting the words out, and he couldn’t quite recall the last time he’d bothered using words.

“Jack, it’s been weeks! You’ve been in here for weeks. I…I’m losing it, Jack. But I know how to get out, I can get us out, I can get us better!”

Jack just smirked, released the pump, and hauled out his massive cock, wrapping it tight, keeping it full, hefting it, those eyes latched onto it, unable to look away. “Just give it a chance–you’ll like it, I promise.”

He fought. He fought hard, but he collapsed, the knees of his bleached jeans in a puddle of piss and cum, as he explored the massive cock with his hands and mouth, losing himself in the pit, like all the other pigs around him had already.

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