The Fuck Dream (Part 2)

The dream continued for months. He didn’t know what to do. He suffered from insomnia, but every time he did fall asleep, the dream was there waiting for him, the stranger there to fuck him in his ass for what felt like hours each time, and when he woke, he’d always find that he had cum in the night. He considered seeing a therapist, but he felt like he was going insane. He wasn’t gay! He’d never felt any sort of attraction to men. And then, as he was reching his breaking point, as suddenly as the dreams had begun, they stopped all together.

The morning after his first restful night of sleep in ages, he woke, and sobbed with relief. Still, he’d woken up quite horny, so he started to jack off, but instead of heading for his cock, his hand went around, found his hole, slipped inside and began digging in. He moaned in pleasure, but when he tried to stop, he couldn’t–he finger fucked himself for ten minutes, until with a long cry, he came without touching his cock once. 

The dream never came back, but the horniness–and the urges–only got worse. For a while, he could satisfy himself with his fingers, but when he needed something…bigger, he broke down and bought a dildo at a sex shop–and when that worked too well on his hole, he bought a few more toys to go with it. He wasted entire days and evenings fucking himself and sucking on dildos, forced to go to greater and greater lengths before his cock would finally cum, and he would be allowed to stop. Still, he could sense that even these dildos would keep him content for only so long–he would need flesh inside him soon. Just…thinking about it, about some massive cock in his hole–it was enough to send him into another round of self–fucking, and this time it lasted three hours before he finally came. Still, he wouldn’t gibe in. No matter…no matter how much he wanted, he couldn’t…right? Then again, maybe…maybe just once…just to feel it, for real. The dreams were so distant now, but he…missed them. Missed how full he’d felt, with the stranger’s cock inside him. That night, he begged a stranger in a bar to fuck him, and never looked back.

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