Hypno Me Please (Part 1)

It was a public posting, on one of the hypno forums I lurk around, with a simple title, “Hypno Me Please!!!” Now, guys who are looking to be hypnotized are a dime a dozen around the internet–they’re about as common as guys who are actually capable of hypnotizing them are rare! It just so happens, that I’m one of those rare few, but I’m also finicky, and my interests can be…well, let’s just say that I love humiliating people, and we can leave it at that for now. So I follow the thread, out of curiosity. A few guys had sent him chat info, and a few others had asked for pics, and the pics the guy sent…well, let’s just say that, if they were real, I’d found an interesting, potential subject. 

Still, I can’t do much beyond throw out a hook (granted, with some very tempting bait) and see if he bites. I send him a link to what I call one of my “hypno files,” and that if it interests him, we can chat more about some direct play.. The link actually leads is an automated hypnosis program of my own design, with two simple objectives–first, a simple suggestion to follow my commands and seek to serve me, and second, a hack in the program turns on the subjects webcam, and films them while they jack off, staring at the file, and sends it directly to me.

What can I say? I loved him. The pics had been real, it turns out, but a bit old–he’d obviously been going to the gym more regularly and started shaving since those pics had been taken…and fuck, all I wanted to do, as soon as I saw him, was ruin him, every bit of him. He cums on himself and wipes it up with a cloth, the file ends and the feed cuts–and I wait. A few minutes later, he messages me back, tells me he loved the file, and wanted to know if I had any more. Did I ever. Still, best to boil them slow. By the time he realizes something is wrong, there won’t be any way for him to escape.

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