I actually really like the red-headed femmy chubby cub archetype that shows up in your stories sometimes. Kinda neat for straight-to-gay type TFs. Though I think it’s been a while since he’s shown up– mostly been punky pigs lately, it seems.

Yeah, I do like those chubby, slutty gingers, I admit it. There was a caption where one of them showed up a few weeks back, but yeah, I’ve been…how do I explain this exactly…

People who have followed me for a while have probably noticed that I tend to get into ruts–well, rut isn’t that good of a word for it, perhaps glut would be better. The point is, something catches my attention, either consciously or subconsciously, and for a month (or often longer) all of the stories I put out tend to become variations on that singular theme. 

These themes have been brought on by particular fetishes I find, or the works of other authors and stories (porn or not), or external real life issues and impulses. 

It feels like things have been a bit dark for me lately, for a number of reasons, both internal and external, and I apologize, because I feel like I spend months at a time working out my inner demons in a rather public way, and make you all sit through the process. Twinks and cubs and more light-hearted things tend to show up when I’m in better places than I currently am (not that I’m ever in such a state very often or for very long, anyway). That’s part of why I appreciate the commissions I do on a regular basis, which force me out of my current vein on a regular basis, and help keep me from sinking too deeply into my own piles of shit. 

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