Don’t ask how he made his balls get that big. Don’t ask what made his balls that big. Don’t ask about how they seem to bulge and vibrate, about how the sack doesn’t seem to contain balls at all, how it seems to contain something that seems to be bulge and pulse and vibrate all on it’s own.

You wouldn’t think to ask any of those thing anyway, not now. He’s not really your type. He’s musky, crude, rough around the edges, smokes unfiltered cigarettes, and tastes like it too, when he kisses you, or rather, when he mauls his mouth with yours. 

Don’t ask his name, he won’t tell you. He likes being anonymous. He doesn’t want you to find him later, when you start feeling ill, when you start to notice something is happening inside your guts. When the strangest cravings kick in, when you loom over the toilet after you just pissed in it, jacking off without a thought in your head, clenching your ring, feeling like you’re missing something inside you. No, he’ll find you again, when he knows you’re ready.

When will you be ready? When you’ve given up on your job, because all you can focus on is getting as much cock in your ass as possible. When you’ve noticed your gut is growing–or rather, distending–even though you’ve been eating less and less. When you realize your cock and your balls don’t quite look like they’re supposed to–your glans looks smoothed down, like a soap figure halfway through it’s life in the shower. Your balls are pulled up tighter to the shaft and now run along it, the testes smaller, even though the sack is bigger. When you’ve lost about half of your teeth, but you’re trying not to think about it. Then he’ll find you. He won’t look like he did before. You won’t know how to describe the thing that stalks you through the streets for a few hours, but you’ll be able to smell it hunting you, and you’ll know it can smell you too. You’ll know there’s nowhere to hide. You’ll know that you don’t want to hide. You want it inside you again, more than anything.

As for what might happen after that, you don’t really want to know, do you?

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