How long has he been under? Not sure at this point, but probably close to three weeks. Picked him up as a baseball game was letting out–he was with a couple of friends, so I had to wait until they split up, so I could get close to him, chat him up a bit, walk with him, guiding him in circles around town for a few hours, sinking him deeper and deeper into himself and under my control until he wasn’t even really there anymore. Just a new toy for me to have some fun with.

Been playing around with him quite a bit, actually, bringing bits of that old him to the surface and sanding them down a bit, tweaking memories here and there, switching a few things around for him. Sure. I’ve fucked him–you gotta try it a couple of times before you commit, you know? And he’s sweet, both his ass and his mouth, but I’m not really looking for sweet–you remember Faggy? Toy I just got rid of? He was sweet. No, something rough this time around. Something I can really sink my fists into.

No, no marks on him yet, that’s true. That’s because punching a fucking doll isn’t much fun, and sure as hell doesn’t turn me on. That’s not to say he hasn’t been having some painful experiences lately, just to open up his mind to the pleasure he’s going to be receiving from me here soon. No, when I wake him up? The first time I hit him? He’s going to be assaulted by so many damn feelings, he won’t know what to do, but if I did my job right, he’ll ask for another one. Because he’ll want more, even if he doesn’t really understand why. Even though, deep down, he just wants it all to stop. 

Think of tonight as a trial run–I even got something to celebrate. Since I found him at a baseball game, I know he’s a fan. But I doubt he knows how versatile of a tool it really is. Once his face is good and bloodied with it, then I’ll ram it up his hole, and we can start getting to the real fun, how does that sound? Alright Bruise, on the count of three, you’ll wake up, just like we discussed. Got it? Good. Alright, one…two…three…  

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