I’m still taking votes for Part 5 of Dale’s Story. Help me decide what to do to his asshole brother!

FatOldHog: There, I fucking did it, are you happy?

DaddyLoveXXX: You’re not done yet Hog, you still have to eat it. That was the deal, remember?

DaddyLoveXXX: Yeah, that’s a good hog, slurp all that old cum of yours down. Go on Hog, tell me how it tasted–did you enjoy eating your own seed?


It was fucking disgusting. 

DaddyLoveXXX: Oh really? I thought an old pig like you would enjoy a treat like that.”


Look, I did everything you said I had to do, alright? Please just change me back.

DaddyLoveXXX: No, if you remember, I told you I’d be willing to change you back after we’d both had our fun, isn’t that right? Well I still haven’t gotten off, you old hog, so if you really want me to change you back, you’re going to have to help me out.


No, this is fucking over!

DaddyLoveXXX: Now now, be careful! You wouldn’t want me changing that username of yours again, would you? Now play with those fat grandpa titties for me, show me how much you like showing yourself off.

DaddyLoveXXX: Come on now, that isn’t very sexy at all! Hold on…


Yeah, now you’re getting into the spirit Hog! Looking sexy, getting my cock hard. Why don’t you go find one of those toys you have, and then come back and we’ll play someone.

OldHogPervert: Toys? What…


No–fuck you, no, I’m not putting anything in my ass!


Oh really? 


I thought disgusting perverts like you put things in your ass all the time, though. In fact, I bet there’s something in that old hole of yours right now.

Plug_My_PiggyHole: Oh fuck, why does that feel so good?

DaddyLoveXXX: Because you’re a slutty daddy piggy, that’s why! Fuck, look at you go, ramming that thing in deep–it looks big enough to be a fist! I bet you’d rather have my cock in your ass though, isn’t that right?


Don’t just give me that little half nod–type it out. I want to see it.


I wish you were fucking my old piggy hole.


God, why did I just call it that?


Because that’s what it is!


Daddy, keep a hold of yourself–don’t you go making another mess now!


Fuck Hog, we’re going to have to keep you better under control, so you don’t keep cumming like that.

Locked_PiggyHole: What the fuck is this fucking thing? How do you get it off?


It doesn’t fucking come off daddy–you’re going to be wearing that new cage for a long, long time–fuck, here it comes!


Damn hog, that was a fun session. Glad you enjoyed yourself as much as I did.


Please, just change me back now…


Oh alright.

LinebackerPiggy: Wait–I’m young again, but I’m still fat! And my cock’s still in this damn cage! Change me all the way back!


No way! I don’t think your coach would be very happy with me for messing with his piggy linebacker slave, do you?


No, you can’t do this to me, please!


DaddyLoveXXX has signed off.>


Fucking get back on here! 

<DaddyLoveXXX has signed off.>

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